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Mobile-Cell-Phone Technology never ceases to progress and 3G technology stands for Third Generation Mobile Phone Communication technology. The concept of 3G mobiles is becoming a reality and more users are adapting to it like never before. There are many models of 3G phones that have imbibed the third generation mobile technology. Hence 3G phones have emerged as one of the most talked about mobile technologies. There are many makes that offer 3G mobile phones in India. 3GTechnology- evolution and success: The 3G mobiles were incepted with focus on analytics and research. The projects began in 1992 and in 1999 ITU approved 5 radio interfaces. There have been instances wherein suitable and compatible extensions were provided to the pre-existing 2G networks with frequency allocations. Thus the International Mobile Telecommunications -2000 also known as IMT 2000 or the third generation is a telecommunications service that fulfills specification by the International Telecommunication Union. The 3G mobile phones in India have revolutionized the mobile phone industry with very high demand. With the advanced technology, data may be easily transferred at high speeds as compared to other normal phones. That is not all; technology plays a crucial role in providing fast services in a hassle free manner in 3G phones. The 3G mobiles are especially important in recent times, wherein mobile phones are used not merely for making calls or sending SMS but also for accessing the net and downloading content. Importance of 3G Mobiles: Bluetooth connectivity and internet browsing require high speed and sophisticated technology. Such criteria are fulfilled by 3G mobiles that offer speedy internet connections. 3G mobiles give users an unbelievable data transfer speed and better internet connectivity to meet all of their expectations. 3G mobile phones in India were inspired by 2.5G phones that employ the GPRS technology. GPRS stands for general packet radio services and they provide very good and efficient internet speed, thereby enabling speedier browsing. The GPRS technology has been in very high demand until the 3G technology was introduced. 3G phones have stood the test of time, providing users an unbelievable data transfer speed and enhanced internet connectivity. Mobile phone users may avail the best there is, in sending messages via SMS, sending and receiving photos, videos, and audio via MMS, music player, camera, browsing, GPS, video player and much more through the 3G technology. The 3G technology may still be in the mushrooming phase in India but more and more users are switching over to 3G mobiles. The reason is very simple. Everyone is ready to pay a little extra to get a host of user advantages. Yes, although priced a bit higher than its 2G counterparts, the 3G mobile phones in India have enticed the Indian populace. The 3G mobile phones in India are definitely here to stay. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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