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The quiet years, ZZ still, Queen of Guo Jizhang practicing law – Sohu in these two days the head of Zhang Ziyi have exceeded wake up dad, the surge has been officially Guo Jizhang postpartum comeback workload, not only the first postpartum big screen works to be offered two day Lunar New Year stalls, this is the incarnation of flying around the world kept busy, double identity now Guo Jizhang and wake up mom, let Zhang Ziyi easily climb life. After the first movie "die romantic history" set file 2017 Lunar New Year stalls, the trailer also let us once again appreciate the God of Guo Jizhang acting, although it is just a few minutes, attitude and revealed in the eyes of the stubborn enough to hold up the whole movie, she will not know this one partner Ge big ye bring what a surprise to us, the retro shape of the suction eye full force, people have to look forward to this movie. Two days ago, Zhang Ziyi also appeared in Japan, attended the fashion brand anniversary reception activities, this time Zhang Ziyi not only changed the hair color also curled hair, playful sense, this is where to see a young mother, feeling overwhelmed, loose knit casual and fashionable, want to become young with Zhang Ziyi learn to wear, this natural fashion sense I think is all the girls dream of attitude. Another campaign from the Li Anxin movie "Lynn’s story" Chinese proportion midfielder premiere, Zhang Ziyi Ang Lee as a friend for many years, see two people also seem to see that Jen, years of quiet good, is still a beauty. Look back the youthful appearance, and now look at Guo Jizhang’s Queen of the gas field, no lethal time for Zhang Ziyi, will only make her more beautiful. Whether international or domestic activities at the red carpet, Zhang Ziyi perfect face can easily hold live spotlight, to know the camera like a cannon like no matter what happens to you, what you look like it will take what it called the world a female star, little drops of the skin is it looks in the eye, however our Guo Jizhang for such provocation did not care, what beauty is how beautiful. Since the birth of wake up, as a fashion queen she is naturally offer continuously, is a fashion magazine offer enough she busy for a while. Now take the magazine for her interpretation of fashion is handy, the queen of the gas field open, do not need to kill can easily show her beauty, I think it is time to give her a gift, let her grow at the time of the whirlpool of society. Look at Zhang Ziyi ten years ago, eyes revealed the simple and beautiful things now still exist, the appearance of youth did not abandon her, dubbed Zhang Ziyi faces of the children of the goddess a bit too much, but now she is a mature charm, is this a touch of mature make her more confident and beautiful. No wrinkles climb the face is enviable, can not help but want to inquire about the goddess of maintenance. Zhang Ziyi is also very generous to tell her how she maintained. She said: "although the natural skin is white, but I still pay attention to the maintenance of the day after tomorrow, there are now only results. Do not know when the sun at the beginning of the important results, leaving a lot of skin spots, the skin becomes dim and dark. And my skin is very sensitive, choose whitening must be special相关的主题文章:

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