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Paris is very beautiful outside France – tourism Sohu Chu Peng, 23 year old began to travel alone, 43 countries and regions in eleven years all over five continents. In the practice of "around the world" dream at the same time, peace of mind. Walk in him, that is, to look after the busy, get the freedom of the mind. "If you ask me why so persistent, because only one life." I was so crazy for France, Paris is also full of charm, first in Normandy and then Loire touched me, deepened my admiration, but in the end I was entranced in Provence. From north to south, painting, building, or even a delicacy, a symbol of war in ancient China retained treasures. The rose of Normandy I stand in Arromanches Normandy landing on the cliff, now already smoke Tuisan, where green grass and wild flowers in full bloom. The beach remained by the tide wrack, next to the German fort has been quiet, only the ears roar of the wind seems to be mingled with the echo of the former battlefield. Time to erase the scars, let it all into the shade, only retained in the memory here. Giverny is the gateway to Normandy, and make Giverny known to the world is the Impressionist master Monet — Monet’s former residence in the romantic flower village, replica hung Monet’s most famous masterpiece and his elaborate collection of 231 pieces of Japanese ukiyoe. The water in the halo with a touch of water lilies, the picture appeared again in Monet’s paintings. There is indeed such a picturesque garden in Monet’s former residence. Every year 500 thousand tourists from around the world to enjoy is come in a throng, Monet is most proud of the garden, because it is the source of creation of monet. Also because of "word" and the construction of the Mont Saint Michel quietly stands between Normandy and Brittany on the sea, it is the French people in the eyes of the holy land, known as the "eighth wonder of the world", is like the Pyramid in Egypt in general. Now, Normandy is located in the region of Mont Saint Michel has become a Catholic except Jerusalem and the Vatican’s third holy places, Haoyuedangkong night lights, rendering Mont Saint Michel like the vast sea lighthouse stands upside down, to guide members to their paradise. Not to be missed when it comes to Normandy’s most luxurious garden house, Suntech Bataiye Castle (Chateau Du Champ de Bataille) must list. The appearance of simple castle has a stunning collection, the owner of the castle Jacques · Mr. Garcia is a famous French interior designer, penned many famous hotel and restaurant, he also had a large number of Historical Museum restoration work, including the restoration of Palace of Versailles in Paris. Shand Ba Terje castle is the home of ·, Garcia, and one of his most successful projects, attracting thousands of visitors every year. If the Scotland castle in the Loire castle are mostly related to intrigue and power, Loire castle is filled with romantic romantic a romantic affair. Here I found the clock back, can truly feel the French fan has hundreds of years ago相关的主题文章:

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