The new Infiniti qx60 listed the sale of 51.8-63.8 million naughty怎么读

The new Infiniti QX60 listed the sale of 51.8-63.8 million Phoenix car news the day before (September 30th), Infiniti officially announced that its 2017 QX60 officially listed. The listing of the new models for the medium-term change QX60, a total of two models of power system total of 3 models to choose from, the new car price is 51.80-63.80 yuan. 2017 Infiniti QX60 guide price list type price (yuan) Hybrid excellence edition 51.8 Hybrid 61.8 3.5L Almighty Almighty edition version of the 63.8 tab: Phoenix car appearance, the new Infiniti QX60 grille with a family type design, its internal black mesh grille treatment compared to cash models more dynamic. At the same time, the new car headlight styling is more aggressive, and was equipped with the LED daytime driving lights, in addition, the new car will increase three kinds of body color choices. New car interior part, the console model basically a continuation of the current model design, the new interior overall color can bring some fresh. In addition, the car changes for the shift lever form, and integrated into the Infiniti LOGO above. It is reported that the interior of the car is still using 2+3+2 seven layout. Power, the new QX60 will continue to be equipped with 3.5L V6 naturally aspirated engine and a hybrid system, which is composed of 2.5L hybrid engine and motor components. Transmission, and the two power matching is the CVT transmission. In addition, the new QX60 models will be equipped with real-time system.相关的主题文章:

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