Spinach can be mine Scientists nanotechnology breakthrough can prevent terrorism 月丘うさぎ

Spinach can be mine? Scientists nanotechnology breakthrough can prevent terrorism according to foreign media reports, recently, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology recently published in the journal "nature"? Material report, scientists can detect components around the plant to use micro nano carbon tube mode. Using this method, scientists can put spinach into mine detector. According to reports, the researchers implanted nano carbon nanotubes into the leaves of spinach, spinach leaves and then absorbed by the underground explosives such as explosives contained in the nitro aromatic. Experiments show that spinach takes about 10 minutes to absorb water into the leaves. The researchers measured the data by non-contact way, using the laser to irradiate the leaves, and to stimulate the micro tubes implanted into the leaves. Detection of fluorescence can be done using a small infrared camera that can be connected to a small computer. Strano, a professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, said their work provides an important proof of principle. He said, "our article shows that using this method to manipulate plants can detect anything." Strano led the lab previously through the development of nanometer carbon nanotube sensors, for detection of hydrogen peroxide, TNT and sarin. When the target molecule is combined with a polymer material wrapped around a nano tube, the light is changed, scientists say. Strano said that such plant detection can be used for national defense purposes, but also to monitor public space, to prevent terrorism and similar activities. He shows that plants can be used to detect groundwater leakage from underground explosives or waste containing nitro aromatic compounds. It is reported that the use of the current settings, researchers can capture information within a meter from the plant, they are trying to increase the distance.相关的主题文章:

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