Beijing – VIDEO – caused by Typhoon Megi Sanming Fujian two people were killed in collapsed houses w 步步高i606

Beijing – VIDEO – caused by Typhoon Megi Fujian Sanming mountain houses were buried two people were killed by Typhoon Megi Fujian Sanming mountain houses were buried two people were killed [comment] by Typhoon "catfish effect", the collapse of collapse in September 28th, Fujian Sanming heavy rain. About 1:35 at noon, located in Sanming Meilie District, 205 State Road 2209 km road, due to the collapse of the mountain caused a roadside houses were buried, 4 people trapped inside the house. The scene, along the mountain side of the house has been rolled Earth destroyed, surrounded by broken walls, cement brick, broken wood and debris, a mess. In flooded houses there are three houses, on the right side of the house in good condition, two on the left side of the wall, the half has been destroyed. By asking the insider, rescue workers learned that in the dilapidated housing there are 3 people trapped, and a relatively intact house with a paralyzed man in bed unable to move. According to the scene to grasp the situation, rescue workers composed of two teams to rescue. A group of officers and soldiers rushed to the house was not damaged, the use of stretchers, rescued paralyzed in bed man. Another group of officers and soldiers search for buried under the rubble of personnel. During the search, rescue personnel according to the blood for 3 people trapped in the general location of unarmed and clean up the scene of debris, debris gradually cleared, rescuers found two men buried in a giant stone, at the same time, another woman was also found in the distance, because of the women’s side the obstacle is not much, the woman was quickly put out, but after on-site medical diagnosis, the woman has no signs of life. In the process of rescuing two men, a man is more conscious awareness, the other man climbed on the ground, there is no reflection, two people in addition to the head can clearly see, the whole body is buried under pressure in slate. Rescue workers use fire rescue vehicles to pull the giant stone tablet, while 7, 8 rescue workers together to lift the slate, the rest of the staff will use the stretcher will be conscious of the first man rescued. The other man was diagnosed by the medical staff at the scene, there is no sign of life. To ensure that no other people trapped inside the house, rescuers using a life detector and radar detector to search the field staff. As of press time reporter, the scene successfully rescued 3 people buried pressure, the transfer of 1 trapped people, but unfortunately, of which 2 people were killed. Wu Shengwei Jiang Chao Jeky Fujian Sanming reports相关的主题文章:

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