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Thursday: SMG 022 Reds game not strong home court again on Thursday 022 angry hell Oro Ba Farenair Pace VS Manchester 2016-11-04 02:00 Venue: Sara Jiao Ge Lu ball field: 12 degrees cloudy weather is expected Fenerbahce situation: Fenerbahce team currently 4 points ranked third, 2 points behind Manchester United and Faye Nord, in order to qualify for this game must be try to win. As the soil super giants on the season, soil super runner up, they missed the Champions League race is not a small blow, if it does not qualify from the UEFA Cup, for the fans it is difficult to accept. After all the team in Skrtel, Topal, Nick emery especially players like Van Persie, on the strength of their paper is not inferior to the same group of Faye Nord, this game is Van Persie again against his old club Manchester united. Manchester United situation: the weekend League Manchester United by Burnley team draw, continuous two games a week for the team’s fitness is also a great test, although the proud and arrogant Mourinho doesn’t think the Europa League, but now hit the top spot and outlet in sight, why not go for a trophy. Although Schweinsteiger returned to first-team training, but not in this season’s Germany midfielder UEFA Cup list, in addition to Bailey and Smolin had not accepted his squad, but Phil Jones coming back from injury to the list, is expected to play the game. History: the two sides nearly 3 war, Farenair Pace 1 wins and 2 losses at a disadvantage. Game Analysis: the field of Macao to guest Let flat half water, for the Red Devils guest is not particularly good, Farenair Pace has lost this season only home court of hell, a game in the home court, compensate for more than 332 pattern, negative compensate high is not favorable for the visiting team, the Manchester United will be difficult to win, let a guest SMG the ball, his choice of gall. The first prediction: Farenair Pace (4231): Demirel; Skrtel, Kaerdilimu, kheyal, Aozibailakeli; Sousa, Topal; Volkan, Van Persie, Shen Potuk; (4231): United Emeka Nick David De Gea; Dahl, Damien, Maureen, Rojo, Lu Kexiao; Carrick, Pogba; Rooney, Mata, Charles Ma; Ibrhimovic SMG Yuko negative recommendation: let wins相关的主题文章:

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