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Silver investment morning news February 15th: disk fell 2%, concerned about 200 daily average support FX168 News International Silver (February 15th), the city began to crash more than 2%, and refresh 15.33 U. S. dollars, ounce low. Last Friday (February 12th), due to the rebound in the U.S. dollar, and European and American stock markets both rose, silver prices slightly lower pressure, and eventually closed at 15.73 U.S. dollars. This week there will be a series of economic data headed by the US CPI, as well as the minutes of the Fed’s January meeting and some policy makers’ speeches. Technically, on the line level, the current silver price fell below the initial resistance of around $15.50, and may face retracement in the short term. The index on the MACD momentum red column contraction, double opening MACD convergence, KDJ double turned down, but the overall risk is up. However, as long as the price of silver can continue to be above the 200 day moving average of 15.07 and $15, there is still the possibility of continuing upward in the future. At present, the initial resistance of silver is at $15.50, further resistance at 15.70, 16, 16.15 and 16.36 U. S. dollars. On the downside, the initial support was at $15.30 and the 200 day moving average of $15.10, further supporting 1514.98, 14.80, 14.6762, 14.40, 14.25 and $14.0514. (silver Ritu source: FX168 financial network) operating strategy, Asian city early Tuesday suggests to use the price of silver to the 15.25-15.18 dollar retracement Qingcang opportunity to bargain, a target of $15.38-15.45, the radical at above $15.60, $15.08 below the stop loss. Fundamentals of positive factors: 1., the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on Friday (February 12th) announced weekly report, as of February 9th, when the week, COMEX silver speculative net multi head increased by 12512 hands, to 36642 hands. 2. Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen (Jannet Yellen) on Thursday (February 11th) testified in Congress, said the future of the U.S. economy may be recession, and do not exclude the possibility of the implementation of negative interest rates. 3. North Korea announced on Thursday that the city of South Korea was closed and designated as a military control zone, which made the situation on the Korean Peninsula tense and escalating. North Korea declared through the National Committee for peaceful reunification within the day, as soon as Pyongyang time on February 11, 2016, 17 (4:30 p.m. Beijing time), all the South Korean workers staying in Kaesong industrial park were deported. The statement said that all of the assets, such as equipment, materials, products and so on, would be fully sealed up in the industrial area. At the same time, North Korea also announced that it would cut off its military hotline with South korea. Bearish fundamentals: 1.. Retail sales in rose for third consecutive months in January, according to data released by the Commerce Department of the United States, as the new year saw Americans buying cars, clothes and online goods. Retail sales rose 0.2 in January

2月15日白银投资晨报:盘初大跌2% 关注200日均支撑   FX168讯 国际白银周一(2月15日)亚市盘初大跌逾2%,并刷新15.33美元 盎司日低。上周五(2月12日)因美元反弹,且欧美股市双双大涨,银价承压微幅走低,并最终收在15.73美元。本周将有以美国CPI为首的一连串经济数据公布,同时还有美联储1月会议纪要和部分决策者的讲话。   技术面上看,日线级别上,目前银价跌破了15.50美元附近的初步阻力,短期可能面临回撤。指标上MACD红色动能柱收缩,双线金叉开口收敛,KDJ双线转为向下,但整体风险中偏上行。不过,只要银价能够持续收在200日均线15.07以及15美元关口上方,则未来仍有继续上行的可能性。   目前银价的初步阻力位于15.50美元,进一步阻力在15.70、16、16.15以及16.36美元。下行方面,初步支撑位于15.30美元以及200日均线15.10美元,进一步支撑在15 14.98、14.80、14.67 62、14.40、14.25以及14.05 14美元。   (白银日图 来源:FX168财经网)   操作策略方面,周二亚市盘初建议利用银价向15.25-15.18美元回撤的机会轻仓逢低做多,目标看15.38-15.45美元,激进者看15.60美元上方,止损设15.08美元下方。   基本面利好因素:   1.美国商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)上周五(2月12日)公布的周度报告显示,截至2月9日当周,COMEX白银投机净多头头寸增加12512手,至36642手。   2.美联储主席耶伦(Jannet Yellen)上周四(2月11日)在国会作证时表示,未来美国经济有可能会出现衰退,且不排除实施负利率的可能性。   3.朝鲜周四宣布驱逐开城韩方人员关闭工业区,并将其划为军事管制区,这令朝鲜半岛局势紧张升级。朝鲜日内通过祖国和平统一委员会声明宣称,截至平壤时间2016年2月11日17时(北京时间下午4时30分)将开城工业园区内停留的所有韩方工作人员驱逐出境。声明称,将全面查封在工业区内的韩企及相关机构的设备、物资、产品等所有资产。同时, 朝鲜还宣布将切断与韩国的军事热线。   基本面利空因素:   1.据美国商务部周五公布的数据显示,美国零售销售1月连续第三个月上升,因新的一年美国民众大肆购买汽车、服装和在线商品。1月份零售销售上升0.2%,升幅与12月一致,预估为上升0.1%。同时,不包括汽油,零售销售上升0.4%。汽油价格下跌令加油站零售额降低。   2.美国劳工部周五(2月12日)公布的数据显示,1月份进口物价月率下降1.1%,与外媒调查得出的普遍预期下降1.4%相差不远,并且与12月降幅持平。   校对:Mac 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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