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Legal Valuations: Valuations of apparatus and buildings can be notoriously unpredictable in China, not least because there exists a connection between the valuer and the owner. It can be a tough negotiating position over which valuer to make use of. If you wish to insist upon an independent valuer who is not known to the Chinese partner, you will usually be expected to pay for the charges. However, it’s usually worth it. Professional valuers for instance American Appraisal or the major Real Estate firms in China will have a valuations department, and will often be accurate, fair and employ internationally accepted expectations in undertaking work. Utilizing them is to your edge. Record checks: Under some conditions it would be sensible to know who actually your partners are. There exists political and lawful if you are not fully conscious of their experience. This may be difficult to find out in China, because there is no public records office. However some diligent, low key questioning may reveal details. If not, or if you suspect probable problems, you can find low-key investigations agencies in China that are able to give a dossier on identities, backgrounds, and any legal problems pending or previous. It is imperative to seek out answers to vital questions in areas such as management, lawful problems, overall concept, market, capital requirements and financial statements. Management. Who are the management team? Have they been effective together before and are their ideas appropriate? What encounter does each member offer, and is it important? What is the focus of each member? Is the team .plete? Lawful Issues. Is the financial .mitment in China legitimate? Will there be any restrictions enforced on that certain industry within China? Is the .pany operating in the scope of the business (i.e. is the .pany acting ultra vires?)? Has the Chinese partner’s fixed assets, to be used as capital injection into the new .pany, in fact actually been pledged to the bank? Have the land rights been provided the acceptable land certificate? Are there any standards on the .pany’s land-use rights? Concept. What is the overall routine for the project? Will the product or service have a .petitive edge in the Chinese market? Will there be Intellectual Property or Patent and Trade Mark problems? What are the local .pany regulatory problems, and does the plan allow plenty of time for these to be settled? China is not a country in which the Rule-of-Law predominates. Many regulations are contradictory and often rely on the goodwill of a bureaucrat who may have other interests at stake. Although corruption is widely considered to be endemic in China, it is usually sublime to outside observers and the Government is definitely fighting to manipulate it from surfacing in the industry .munity. Market. And how about those financial and development projections? What data are they based on? What are the approximations of the demand for .pany’s products or services? What consumer research has been done, and has it been examined? Which are the tough advantages of the .pany’s products/services in the China market? Which are the future marketing approaches? What’s the pricing strategy? What about the .petition? Capital requirements. What amount of funding will be required now, and into the future, and how will the financing be structured? Will further funding be essential and, if so, when, at what stage in the project and from who? Financial statements. It is imperative that you have three to five year projections, and for established .panies, historical records going back for the same period. It is also important to be aware of the financial position of the Chinese partner, including whether the statements are presented in a "true and fair" manner. Likewise, are they as stated by International Accounting Requirements? To put it differently … "are the books cooked?" Investigate. Last, but not least, investigate your re.mended partner, using an investigator who can check through different channels. This is in addition to due diligence on the proposed joint venture partner and its owners. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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