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Software Microsoft Windows 7 is the latest version of Microsoft Windows operating system. .pare to its predecessor Windows XP and Vista, Windows 7 is more powerful and more secure. Unlike Windows XP, Windows 7 adopted a new password protection system that we can’t use the hidden administrator account by default. The problem is that when Windows 7 administrator password lost, we can no longer recover our lost password by using the hidden administrator account. Therefore, how to recover the Windows 7 Admin password if we lost or forgot it? Don’t worry, here are two methods for Windows 7 administrator password recovery: Method one: Use another Windows 7 administrator account If you had created more than one administrator account on your Windows 7 .puter and you can remember the others admin password, you are lucky. In such a case, you can change one of the administrator accounts’ password if you login with another administrator account. What you need to do is just following these 3 easy steps: Step 1: Click Start -> Control Panel -> Add or remove user accounts Step 2: Choose the locked administrator account. Step 3: Click Change the password or Remove the password. And then you can change or remove the lost or forgotten password. Please note: If you select this method, the locked Windows 7 administrator account will lose all EFS-encrypted files, personal certificates, and stored passwords for Web sites or network resources. However, if the locked account is the unique administrator account on your Windows 7 .puter, you can try the method below. Method two: Use third party Windows password recovery software There is plenty of software which is used to recover Windows password available online. You can choose one of them to create a Windows password recovery disk and use the disk to recover Win 7 Admin password. Then you can follow these 4 easy steps: Step 1: Download the software and install it on another .puter which has a CD/DVD writer. Step 2: Run the software and burn the ISO image file into a blank CD/DVD. Step 3: Recover Windows 7 administrator Password with nearly burned password recovery disk. Step 4: Reboot your locked .puter without a password required. Now you can regain access your Windows 7 operating system and create a new administrator password. The best thing of using this method is that you shouldn’t lose any data on your .puter. Furthermore, If you can’t find a .puter which has a CD/DVD writer or the locked .puter have no a CD-ROM, You can burn the ISO image file into a USB flash drive and use the USB flash drive to recover your Windows 7 administrator password. Try these two methods the next time you lose or your Windows 7 administrator password, which you do not need to reinstall Windows system for getting back to Windows by removing lost or f.otten password. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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