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Software We have already travelled the first quarter of the new year and soon will be completing the second one too. At this juncture there is growing need to evaluate what turn the marketing is taking with respect to cloud CRM solution. Before we entered in 2013 it was expected the cloud CRM market will demonstrate a robust growth trend. But some additional trends are also coming up which can be useful in anticipating the course of CRM market in the coming days. Facts and figures have started emerging on the performance of the market so far. It was obvious that cloud based CRM is going to be the answer to businesses across industries in managing customer relationships. Today customers demand to forge stronger relationships with their favorite brands and access to data anywhere, anytime. This is creating a stream of information for the brands to extract insight on customer behavior, market trends, competitor advantages etc. In Gartners analysis of CRM market the Market Share Analysis: Customer Relationship Management Software, Worldwide, 2012, report published on April 18, 2013 it mentioned that the market for CRM solutions grew by 12% in all enterprise application categories which is three times higher than the average. Among this a big slice of 40% was SaaS CRM. Eventually cloud is becoming de facto standard for implementing customer relationship management systems. The promotion of cloud based CRM was triggered by the fact that organizations are now looking for easy to deploy solutions over on-premise applications. They are looking for simple CRM solution that will promote user adoption. Further, cloud applications have made integration between heterogeneous platforms easier; thus, allowing enterprises creating a unified business model. CRM in the current industry has been revalued under a new light. Earlier companies regarded it as a magic bullet solution that will send their sales volumes soaring. But now they have come to realize that CRM too has limitations and needed extra tending for the information stored to deliver greater success. Cloud has enabled storing the streams of information generated by modern consumers across various platforms. The customer relationship management software user uses the information gleaned by the application on the customers to direct tailored made solutions. The business CRM market is fast transforming. By the end of 2012 introduction of behavioral and predictive analytics, integration to social media, mobility and collaboration with other enterprise applications helped discover the software tool in new light. CRM adoption had been a serious issue with many of the early adopters. Often organizations suffered user rejection that also limited implementation of the application in organizational structure. Even high performing CRM solutions failed in delivering under certain circumstances. This had promoted the search for next generation CRM application solutions that will perform more like an interactive platform than traditional CRM facilitating communication both inwardly and outwardly. Today businesses expect a CRM system to behave more like an analytic tool than just a contact management system. They want to be able to conduct their whole operation from a single platform that will simultaneously work as sales, marketing and communication management solution. Big data analysis is going to be another robust trend that will dominate the market in the coming days. CRM big data integration will become imperative for businesses of all sizes. As organizations are striving to learn as much as possible about their customers big data is offering crucial insight on changing customer patterns through continuous flow of information. In the coming days it is expected that organizations will struggle managing the massive volume of data generated regularly. The new market leader in CRM market will be determined on the parameter of mobility. A CRM solution that will handle transition to mobile apps most efficiently will be regarded as market leader. Adoption of SaaS CRM has made it possible for the application to be available on internet enabled, handheld devices. According to the industry report of 2012, there were around 110 CRM applications available in Apple App Store and around 47 in Google Play. The figures are expected to multiply fast in 2013 and the market is expected to grow by 500% by 2014. So, we can easily conclude that 2013 is going to be the year of mobile CRM applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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