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UnCategorized In an office environment, where many people may share one survival space, it would be redundant and expensive to have each employee keep his or her own full emergency backpack. Better to plan ahead and organize the purchase of group emergency backpacks for your office. An office emergency backpack may include food and water for multiple people or it may only be the shared essentials everyone will need to survive, such as sanitation supplies in place of plumbing, light sources (both flashlights and chemical light sticks) and radios, while leaving the food and water up to the individual employee. Of course, if one is going to go through the trouble of organizing everything else, why not make sure everyone has enough to eat and drink and it is accessible only in an emergency. This saves panic and short rations later if someone has been snacking or otherwise irresponsible. A workplace environment is a very different survival situation than that of the home. In an office or factory setting, there may be stairwells, machinery, dangerous footing, or many other hazards employees might be fine with in the light but if the power goes out, some of these hazards may be in total darkness. While many offices do have battery powered emergency lights, most of these only last up to twenty four hours, and may not illuminate everything you need to see. For this reason, experts recommend you keep a supply of twelve-hour chemical light sticks in your kit to illuminate hazardous areas so people do not hurt themselves in the dark. As always, a little planning goes a long way. If you can figure out where the dangerous footing will be in the dark and how many glow sticks you will need, multiply it by three or six (depending on window placement) and have at least that many glow sticks. You will also need several flashlights and personal chemical lights per group for general area illumination and travel. Putting a workplace group emergency backpack together is a time and thought intensive process. Fortunately, there are many pre-made emergency backpacks available on the market, many tailored to fit the needs different sized groups and different types of workspaces. It is always critical to have an emergency plan that all employees know, but it does not have to be a hassle to have everyone in the office provided for over the course of their 72-hour stay. A pre-made emergency backpack is often the more economical option as well, both in terms of time saved, and money spent. A note on storage space: Pre-made emergency backpacks tend to be smaller and more compact than homemade varieties as companies have been able to find the most space efficient ingredients and have made a study of disaster preparedness and thus know the best options available. When choosing a kit, make sure it has enough of everything for the number of people likely to be sheltering in a department, and make sure each department has its own kit or kits. You will need enough first aid supplies, food and water, sanitation equipment and other survival gear for each person in each department to make it through the whole 72 hours. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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