Avoid Muscle Cramping And Replenish Your Electrolytes The .anic And Natural Way-若槻ゆうか

Supplements Anyone who has experienced a muscle cramp (Charley Horse) before can tell you that it can be quite painful. Muscle cramps occur when muscles involuntarily contract and cannot relax. These cramps can be perceived as mild twitches or may even be extremely painful. Muscle cramps are usually caused by an electrolyte deficiency which in simple terms means that when we sweat we loose chemical substances (Electrolytes) which many normal bodily functions are dependent on. Our normal body functions, not to mention our day to day performance, are severely .promised if adequate levels of electrolytes are not present, especially in the heat and/or when exercise goes beyond the 2-hour mark. Recovery e21 is the ONLY product that provides an absolute range of electrolytes in adequate quantities of key cramp prevention elements in just one capsule. Recovery e21 is organic, natural, bio-available and affordable. It delivers electrolytes in the right ratio and balance to ensure your body has the full .plement of necessary electrolytes to prevent muscle cramps. So what is Recovery e21 ? The most important fact on Recovery e21 is that it is totally natural and organic. It steps away from other supplements that are synthetic and full of colorants and preservatives. Just ONE serve of e21 contains about 15% of the re.mended daily intake of Magnesium. Magnesium is the key that unlocks the potassium in your body that allows the muscle to relax. What makes Recovery e21 natural and organic? Recovery e21 is derived from a soft wall, single cell, edible species of marine micro-algae found in the remote coastal waters off north Western Australia called Dunaliella Salina. Recovery e21 .es in a 500 mg capsule. This makes it extremely light, portable and easy to carry anywhere, even on the most rugged of terrains E – stands for electrolytes 21 – 21 is the number is electrolytes and trace minerals found in Recovery 21. Research has shown that micro-algae such as Dunaliella Salina to be the most nutrient-dense food on earth, with minimal digestible structures in contracts to higher plants or animals or micro-algae with hard cells walls. We all need a big range of different electrolytes. For example Magnesium if needed for muscle relaxation. Sodium, potassium and calcium are required for muscle contraction.[spin] If there are insufficient levels of these flowing through the ionic channels in the cells, muscle contraction and relaxation will be poor and imbalanced which will lead to muscular cramping, fatigue and poor performance. Discover more about Recovery e21 and how it can help prevent muscle cramping and finally give you that good nights sleep you deserve! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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