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Business More homeowners are searching the net for services than ever before. Carpet cleaning .panies around the world are seeing more activity on their site every year. Consumers want to be connected to you through the internet. Get involved with marketing your site online NOW. You’re losing out on market share if you’re not actively promoting your site. It’s one of the cheapest types of advertising you can do for your business. Plus, web marketing has one of the greatest returns for your advertising dollar. It’s a no brainer. Who looks for carpet cleaners on the internet? It’s not just .puter geeks any more. Nowadays, it’s professionals who are relocating to your area. Or, it can be a landlord searching for a trustworthy cleaner. Or, it can be an educated homeowner who wants to find out information about a .pany before she hires. Most of the clients who will contact you via email are high-end clients. They live in nice homes. Especially if you have an extensive amount of educational material on your site, they’re willing to pay top price. Being ranked high in search engines greatly increases your probability of getting traffic to your site. Best of all, it’s FREE. You don’t have to pay Google or Yahoo for search engine rankings. The trick is getting in the top ten of the search results on the first page. So how do you get a high search engine ranking? As you may know, the more relevant links you have going to your website, the higher your search engine ranking. Having a link to your site from a plumber in another city won’t help you much. But having a link from another carpet cleaner rates highly in the eyes of search engines. Having lots of links from carpet cleaners rates even higher. How would you like your site or multiple sites to take most of the entire top 10 when a prospect searches for "Your City Carpet Cleaning"? You can get nearly all the business from web searchers. The trick is to have more than one website for your .pany with dozens of links from other carpet cleaning sites. There’s other stuff involved with getting a good search engine listing, but this is the most important part. Do it now. Start creating links with other .panies associated with your keywords. Link with other cleaners. Also, link with other .panies in your city. You’re sure to have a top ten listing in the search engines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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