Spread To Tibet, The Earthquake In India Caused Seven Deaths Hit Yadong County-coreldraw快捷键大全

Arts-and-Entertainment 18 night in India, Sikkim earthquake of magnitude 6.8 Yadong County in Tibet has resulted in seven deaths, 22 people were injured.Xinhua News Agency reporters Lian Yeben and Fu Yadong hit on at 9:00 on the 19th reached Yadong county, ugg classic tall sale the county’s temporary relief of a video: Indian Tibet, East Asia Earthquake-induced ground cracking 7 dead 22 injuredCCTV news channel a .mand to the Ministry of earthquake notification shows up at 9:00 on the 19th, the earthquake has resulted in Yadong County, 7 people were killed and more than 22 people were injured, two seriously injured.Is Yadong county headquarters duty Yaocheng Ping, deputy director of the Standing .mittee, told reporters the earthquake caused Yadong county water, electricity, transportation, .munication was a total standstill. County’s infrastructure severely damaged, which caused extensive damage to housing, the specific disaster situation still further statistics. Earthquake caused severe landslides, uggs bailey button triplet Yadong County, the main road leading to the outside world was interrupted by night repair, vehicular traffic has been restored.Reporters rushed to Yadong county in the village is satisfied through the heap, I saw more than 60 open-air side of the road overnight, the local is under the sleet, the cold weather, people wrapped in blankets against the cold overnight, the quilt is covered with waterproof plastic film.Township deputy mayor satisfied heap Jampa told reporters the earthquake caused the collapse of some houses the township, but did not receive reports of casualties and livestock, to ensure the safety of the people, township party .mittee and government to mobilize the masses transferred to the open area, ugg bailey button because there is not enough tent, only open-air mass transfer overnight.The way in the rush to Yadong county, once blocked by reporters about 40 kilometers from the county. This section is particularly serious damage, to see the size of the place, ranging from up to hundreds of landslides. Xigaze transport sector to mobilize large-scale machinery and equipment is the nearest open the way to the night, as reporters filed, has been restored to traffic.After the disaster, Shigatse Prefecture secretary Tenzin Namgyal night rushed to East Asia, .anize and direct the relief work. By the PLA and armed police forces, fire officers and soldiers, policemen and government staff members of the relief team has reached the point of disaster work. Material transport team and medical help rescue teams, ugg classic short rescue teams PAT 19, the morning was to reach the disaster area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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