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A Quzhou street beat grandfather granddaughter residents "I persuade invalid alarm discipline their granddaughter, you what business?" In the evening of September 22nd, when the police rushed to the front of the old man, Zhang old man did not want to understand, playing their own children such a little thing, even the police attracted. The alarm is Quzhou Longyou TA Shi Zhen Ya Village Town Street shop owner Ni master. In the evening, the Ni chef who was eating in the shop suddenly heard the crying of children tore heart crack lung in the street. He went out and saw an old man tugging at a seven or eight year old girl with a slap in the face. See the old man hands some heavy, Ni master could not stand, to persuade a few words, but the old man did not appreciate, "I talked a few words, the old man thought that even I have a curse." Because worried about the little girl accident, Ni master immediately reported to the police. Police rushed to the scene learned that the old man surnamed Zhang, beat the little girl is his granddaughter. Zhang weekdays is hot tempered, the granddaughter at night for fear of insecurity, would like to call a reminder, but for more than a dozen phone has no answer, the old man found granddaughter, the street is a beaten. Police reminded that the family should be rational in educating children, random beatings will not only cause physical and mental harm to children, but also violate the law.

衢州一位爷爷当街暴打孙女 居民劝说无效报警“我管教自家孙女,你们来管什么闲事啊?”9月22日晚,当民警接警赶至张老汉面前时,张老汉还想不明白,打自家孩子这么点小事竟然把警察给招来了。报警的是衢州龙游塔石镇雅村集镇临街小店的店主倪师傅。当天傍晚,正在店里吃晚饭的倪师傅忽然听见街上传来孩子撕心裂肺的哭声。他出门一看,原来一老汉正拽着一个七八岁的小女孩狠狠地扇耳光。见老人下手有些重,倪师傅实在看不下去,上前劝说了几句,但是老人并不领情,“我劝了几句,想不到那老汉竟然连我也一块骂了。”因为担心小女孩出事,倪师傅随即报了警。民警赶到现场了解到,老汉姓张,被打的小女孩是他的孙女。张老汉平日里就是暴脾气,当日因为担心孙女晚上在外不安全,便想打电话提醒一下,谁知一连十几通电话都无人接听,老汉找到孙女后,当街就是一顿暴打。民警提醒,家人在教育孩子时应当理性,随意打骂不仅会对孩子造成身心伤害,还会触犯法律。相关的主题文章:

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