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A content management system (CMS) is the collection of procedures used to manage work flow in a collaborative environment. These procedures can be manual or .puter-based. Content management? Thats what librarians do, right? But weve already got a library management system (LMS) why should we consider a content management system (CMS)? Actually, from the point of view of workflow (and to lesser extent content re-purposing), the CMS and LMS have much in .mon. With an LMS acquisitions staff use Web-based templates to create records for new stock. Cataloguers add value to the record (with less experienced staff being subject to an approval process). Metadata is recorded automatically detailing who entered/modified content and when. A subset of the record is then re-used in several ways – as a page on the Web OPAC, as paper recall notice or an e-mail recall notice. CMS has five main functions: 1. Maintaining Security 2. Managing Objects 3. Managing Servers 4. Managing Auditing 5. Maintaining Report A content management system (CMS) supports the creation, management, distribution, publishing, and discovery of corporate information. It covers the .plete lifecycle of the pages on your site, from providing simple tools to create the content, through to publishing, and finally to archiving. Content management system (CMS) can be defined as a system used to organize and create documents and other content. In terms of web applications a CMS is used for managing websites and web content which in many cases requires a backend system for editing and creating documents. There are several types of content management systems available: * Web Content Management System (W-CMS) assists an organization in automating various aspects of web (publishing newsletters). * Transactional content management system (T-CMS) assists an organization to manage e-.merce transactions (changing the pricing structure of your product range). * Integrated content management system (I-CMS) assist an organization in managing enterprise documents and content. * Publications management system (P-CMS) assists an organization in managing the publications (manuals, books, help, guidelines, references) content life cycle. * Learning management system (L-CMS) assists an organization in managing the web-based learning content life cycle. See also managed learning environment. There are a wide range of business benefits that can be obtained by implementing a CMS, including: * streamlined authoring process * faster turnaround time for new pages and changes * greater consistency * improved site navigation * increased site flexibility * support for decentralised authoring * increased security * reduced duplication of information * greater capacity for growth * reduced site maintenance costs Once a page has been created, it is saved into a central repository in the CMS. This stores all the content of the site, along with the other supporting details. This central repository allows a range of useful features to be provided by the CMS: * Keeping track of all the versions of a page, and who changed what and when. * Ensuring that each user can only change the section of the site they are responsible for. * Integration with existing information sources and IT systems. Most importantly, the CMS provides a range of workflow capabilities. These are best explained by giving an example: When the page is created by an author, it is automatically sent to their manager for approval, and then to the central web team for their editorial review. It is finally sent to the legal team for their sign-off, before being automatically published to the site. At each step, the CMS manages the status of the page, notifying the people involved, and escalating jobs where required. In this way, the workflow capabilities allow more authors to be involved in the management of the site, while maintaining strict control over the quality, accuracy and consistency of the information. To summarize the market for content management systems remains fragmented, with many open-source and proprietary solutions available. Want To Outsource? Think Again By: Ava Smith – We believe outsourcing is more than a fast Internet connection, Dropbox and Skype. Great outsourcing is the result of a great partnership between two teams. 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