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The acquisition of Uber Chinese drops after the travel industry of the war has just begun the |B12 technology – Sohu Gao Mengyang "over the past month time, the two sets of dream, dare to challenge the fusion that young people are good together, has become a common pursuit of our dream team. "In August 31st, the taxi industry drops and the development of strategic cooperation conference, by Chairman Cheng Wei said," the first car network Chinese about the legal, let the company inside the industry inspire, also think this is a great opportunity, we have to return with faster development times like this. "Founded 4 years, although the drop is controversial, as the only one can receive the same BAT three investment Internet Co, drops go smooth, always favored capital. In September 8th, the company won the Fuji Yasuko drops travel Foxconn $119 million financing, transfer 0.355% of the shares, drops a valuation of $33 billion 500 million. September 9th, drops car formally launched in Shanghai. Today, App has been on the line, ride by express, taxi, car, bus, on behalf of the drive, drive, enterprise, car rental and other 9 business lines, and touch the farther reaches of the breadth, gradually formed a huge industrial empire. However, the story of the story will be shared with the acquisition of Uber China to achieve the end? Do the car drops drops "is a very young entrepreneur, when we just started 4 years ago, only to go to the street taxi, the taxi has become a part of the urban diseases, we hope to make travel better, hoping to use the power of the Internet to change the trip, we decided to let all the people at any time, any place, three minutes to call a taxi. Open sharing, Cheng Wei will always mention the beginning of the trickle of the heart, but in fact we see a bit of growing ambition. Four years ago, Didi started from a taxi, two years ago, only a taxi drops business. In August 2014, after the car began to drop, launched a car, train, car. At the end of July the new national network about vehicle management approach introduced, has been removed in the network about the head of the "illegal" hat, 4 days after the acquisition of Uber China drops. "It should be said that in the past two years, Chinese became a world wide in scope and mobile travel network about the car’s fastest developing countries, the most recent data, the order China done every day network about the car is more than 3 times the sum of the other countries in the world are more than. "Bits and pieces have enjoyed an absolute advantage in the domestic field of shared travel, but apparently they are not satisfied. In August 31st, nearly reached a strategic cooperation drops fifty taxi companies with more than ten deep North of Guangzhou Hangzhou City, the first is to consolidate its started according to September 9th; then, drops announced its car rental business officially launched in Shanghai, according to every aspects of the planning, the business will be in the second half of this year to the first half of next year gradually extended to the whole country more than a second tier city. According to the investment adviser of the "2016-2020 China’s car rental industry.相关的主题文章:

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