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Give front row seat to your all viewers by Live Streaming Solution With the move forwards in internet connections and broadband capabilities it is now possible to setup any events as live using a new technology called live streaming solution. Sometimes it is possible may be you are at workplace, abroad and cannot attend your nearest wedding function, any ceremony or an important corporate events, but live video streaming solution will now give you an opportunity to feel you front row seat at your most important event. New technology can possible to send your message to more audiences faster with targeted online webinars and webcasting of live events. Now it is likely to deliver online events for any purpose and make feel your audiences that they are attending live. Live Broadcasting software supports for both live and recorded events. Live video streaming solution allows a user to do a live broadcast or webcast your events in real time on the Internet. Anyone can use this A/V streaming service to broadcast your band’s concert, your high school’s football game, your company’s training session or just about anything else. There is no any extra hardware require for live streaming of any events live. All you need is a streaming software account, a video camera (either a webcam or a camcorder that has webcam capabilities) and a broadband Internet connection. Event streaming is possible with lowest bandwidth as 100 kbps. Streaming quality is superior, with no choppiness, broadcast drops, or excessive buffering. Live streaming technology distributes the live broadcasts from multiple points of presence, so the end-users will be able to pick up the feed closest to them, delivering the best possible performance for their definite global region and "last-mile" bandwidth provider. Live event streaming examples: Organizational/Entertainment – Music Concerts – Church Services – Sporting Events – Press Conferences – Red Carpet Premieres – TV/Radio Shows Live webcasting of events like any music concerts, sporting events, public press conferences and any TV shows can possible to viewers from any locations at their home. Events Business and Industry – Conferences – Presentations – Annual Reports – Product Launches – Commercial Events – Advertising Corporate companies and business industries can conduct their conference, online presentations, product launches and advertising from head office and branches from any positions can attend those events. Personal/Social Events – Sermons and Oratory – Weddings – Church Events – Family Occasions – Reunions Events like personal weddings, church events, family occasions and gathering can be likely to make live and who cannot attend that events personally, they feel to be shared with live. Education and Instruction – Training and Coaching – Online Instruction – Web Based Distance learning For those who are unavailable to view the event live, we can also webcast the entire event or presentation online for them, on demand, at their convenience. On-demand live webcasting is a "re-broadcast" playable at any time from any computer. So, even if your audience missed the event in real time, they can still see and hear the event when the time is right for them. New technologies can send a message to the audience faster you send through targeted online webinars and webcasts of live events. It is now likely to deliver online events for any purpose, and feel to live like your audience to visit. Live streaming software supports both prerecorded and live events. Live streaming solution allows the user to the live broadcasts or broadcast the events in real time over the Internet. 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