Because of Sun Li’s complaints LED light off Field survey the Department of misinformation-cashmere mafia

Sun Li complaints lead to light rail shutdown? Field survey: Department of misinformation Sun Li issued a response, Sun Li thanked the relevant departments Tencent entertainment news recently, Sun Li issued a document to the government in micro-blog for help to solve the problem of noise, but instead was approved to use star privileges. In October 18th, Sun Li issued a document called micro-blog filming in Shanxi, a hotel near the construction site often day and night construction, noise is very disturbing. Sun Li said the situation is clear, the local government official microblogging AIT, I hope to get a reply. In the afternoon, the relevant departments in Jinzhong quickly reply on micro-blog, and announced on the 19 day, the matter has been resolved, in October 20th, Sun Li praised local government. Since then, there are rumors that the local light rail project due to Sun Lifa’s micro-blog lead to downtime, more netizens on the matter to make "celebrities will solve in time" evaluation. According to all star field visits, learned that the light rail project did not stop work, is still planned to continue, the schedule is nearing completion, Sun Li micro-blog complaints led to the light rail shutdown is misinformation. Recently, the light rail project shut down in the evening, the staff said that this is because of the weather, the local temperature is relatively low, is not conducive to construction. Another cause the noise of the project is 2 new condo Sun Li hotel you are covered, the engineering and Sun Li’s hotel across a narrow corridor, you can clearly see the construction site in the hotel courtyard, the scene is the foundation, noisy to Sun Li is the hotel being built apartment project.

因孙俪投诉导致轻轨停工?实地调查:系误传孙俪发文反应情况孙俪感谢相关部门腾讯娱乐讯 近日,孙俪在微博发文向政府求助解决噪音问题,却反而被批利用明星特权。10月18日,孙俪在微博中发文称在山西拍戏时,宾馆附近的建筑工地经常没日没夜地施工,发出噪声十分扰民。孙俪将情况说清楚之后,还艾特了当地政府的官方微博,希望得到回复。当天下午,晋中相关部门在微博上迅速回复,并在19日宣布事情已经解决,10月20日孙俪发博称赞当地政府。此后又有传闻称当地轻轨工程因孙俪发的微博导致停工,更有网友对此事做出“名人才会及时解决”的评价。据全明星探实地探访,了解到轻轨工程并没有停工,目前还在照计划继续进行,进度已接近尾声,孙俪微博投诉导致轻轨停工是误传。关于近日轻轨工程晚上停工一事,工作人员表示这是因为天气原因,当地气温比较低,不利于施工。另一个造成噪音的工程是孙俪所住酒店自己正在盖的2栋新公寓,该工程与孙俪所在酒店隔着一条窄窄的过道,在酒店院子里就能清楚地看到施工现场,现场正在打地基,吵到孙俪的应该是酒店自己正在修的公寓工程。相关的主题文章:

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