Beijing restart commercial rectification real estate license to suspend the sale of permits gigolos

Beijing intends to suspend rectification: restart commercial real estate license issued pre-sale permit Beijing to restart commercial rectification: intends to suspend the "two cards" issued Zhang Fengling Economic Observer reporter by the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee official was informed that: at present, Beijing housing the main tone control is to curb re live projects and strictly control the business market, the government will no longer supply new commercial and residential land, "won’t give commercial real estate certificates, the pre-sale permit", a strictly curb business change lives in August 31st before the project will be submitted to the Beijing municipal government. The reporter understands, the specific content of regulation submitted scheme includes: a new commercial real estate license, suspend payment of the pre-sale permit; two re inspection and planning has not started construction of commercial and residential projects; three started not suspended the sale of commercial and residential projects; four does not provide a new commercial and residential land. Commercial control of the tightening of the boots is a foregone conclusion, the Economic Observer reported by the Beijing major intermediary survey was informed that the country flocked to invest in Beijing investment in commercial and residential projects. Commercial regulation boots "commercial housing" refers to the commercial, public buildings and other non residential land development and construction, the design has independent kitchen and toilet water and electricity and the segmentation of property rights in the way of foreign sales, property is divided into 40 years, 50 years. Beijing residential project purchase crowd is mainly no qualified buyers overseas, Beijing local investment groups and individual business entities such as the boss, most foreigners choose commercial fancy its transitional and value characteristics. It is reported that, in August 17th, Beijing multi sectoral participation in the project to curb the project to hold the seminar, the leadership of the Beijing municipal government requirements, resolutely not out of the king! Determined not to add new commercial! Commercial office to suspend listing!" The regulation and control policy is the fourth time the government to restart commercial and residential rectification, for the first time in 2010, the "628" regulatory order, and then there was the 2011 "516" to change the ban on commercial living and commercial legalization,. However, the effect of regulation does not seem ideal. As from 2012 to 2015, Beijing new residential apartments supply units from 22038 units up to 36406 sets, up 65.2% over the same period, the supply area rose to 35.6%, 2014 Beijing residential market turnover accounted for less than 20%, improve the proportion of 2015 to 28.5%, the first half of 2016 climbed to 55.9%. Xiong Zhikun think the person in charge of first Pacific Davies North China project and development consultancy department, if the introduction of the policy, the market will show a trend of a single product form, Beijing house prices and rents will both rise, there are five reasons: one is the Beijing March homestead supply 0 pieces of land; the two is the Beijing residential inventory is about 15 thousand sets, to the cycle is only about 21 days; the three is commercial products caused by property buyers can buy extinct varieties reduced; the four is part of the quasi purchase crowd have joined the ranks of renters; five is the credit policy is still loose. Is the core of Beijing Tianjin Hebei for Economic Observer reported by several government officials learned that the control logic: Beijing stop new commercial land only on one of Beijing dredging million population transfer to Tianjin to Beijing time depends on the introduction of the policy: Theory相关的主题文章:

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