Beiqi Wei Wang m50f official line 100 thousand vehicles annual sales target

Beiqi Wei Wang M50F formally target sales 100 thousand editor’s note: Despite the increasing competition, but this huge cake Chinese car market still continues to attract more new brands to join the war, and in many new faces, like playing overhead, Beiqi Wei Wang quickly occupy the market is very rare. As of now, Weiwang in more than 5 years, the cumulative sales have exceeded 600 thousand. Now, with the M50F line, Weiwang product layout has been basically completed. In October 10th, M50F formally Beiqi Wei Wang factory in Zhuzhou. As Beijing’s first car positioning in the A-class high-end MPV market models, product development and design of feeding M50F in Beijing Benz Wei Wang, from the project to the line in less than 18 months, is currently Beijing’s automotive product development, the highest efficiency and response to the market one of the fastest cars. M50F line, also means that Beiqi Wei Wang "M+S" (MPV and SUV) shaping product matrix. The car will be on November at the Guangzhou Motor Show (micro-blog) officially listed, and will provide 1.5L and 1.3T two kinds of power models available. "M50F is well on business inside the first front MPV, this means that the car’s own brand all models debut." Beiqi shares (ginseng, pictures, President Li Feng said the inquiry) M50F line marks the BAIC independent brand generation product layout has been completed, the next few years Beijing automobile will be completed from the first generation to the second generation car models to upgrade. In busy business, MPV replacement, 7 vertical introduction and development of SUV products of electric car logistics will be the focus of the future direction. When asked about the M50F car’s annual sales target, Beiqi shares executive vice president Chen Guixiang said, "we have sales of the company’s goal is to start at least 100 thousand vehicles." M50F: to the value and strength of the user to seize the user’s consumption upgrade, buying habits change is very fast, we have to seize the characteristics of the user in this market." General manager Wang Wei division Zhang Zhaoxiang said that the reason why M50F only with less than 18 months to achieve offline, precisely in order to conform to the trend of changes in consumer demand, to meet the target users, in terms of product positioning and user communication, M50F will focus on two aspects: face value and strength. "The core message of this car is: Yan value control, strength faction." Color value, the appearance of the interior design M50F introduced many popular elements, like the design of floating roof rare class models and the whole system comes standard with LED headlights, the interior is equipped with a 12 inch and 9 inch LCD digital suspension type LCD screen, both fashion and technology. Power, as a joint venture company self nurturing, M50F inherits the Beijing Benz gene technology, using the front design, positioning in the high-end MPV market, can be said to represent the highest strength Weiwang repairer. The configuration, M50F collocation Weiwang keyless entry, a key start, headlight delay, daytime running lights, electric sunroof, electric control and seat heating ventilation, suspended in the control panel,.相关的主题文章:

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