Bhutan Como UMA launched Bhutan’s first helicopter adventure journey – Sohu

Bhutan COMO Uma launched the first Helicopter Adventure of the Bhutan Sohu – November 2016 — Bhutan COMO Uma launched the first seven days and six nights of Bhutan’s helicopter adventures, with guests in-depth Himalaya magnificent dragon kingdom.   "adventure" trip to helicopter tours allow guests to easily open the Bhutan depth tour, explore four will travel and the characteristics of the valley, including known as Bhutan "hidden world fam" (Laya Valley), L’Oreal Valley in the tropical atmosphere and the magnificent monastery in a valley of Punakha (Punakha, Valley) sitting on the paddy and temple verdant valley, and lake Paro (Paro) and Bhutan nomads (Labatama Valley) in Dilapatama valley.   Royal Bhutan helicopter Services Limited will be able to experience the two guests helicopter tour, the scenery from a height overlooking the farm, garden, forest and Green Valley, a remote area of beauty, rather than by the one-way route long land. During the trip, tourists will stay comfortable luxury COMO Uma in Bhutan, including COMO Uma Paro Thursday night, two nights in COMO Uma Punakha. In COMO Uma Paro after two nights, the first helicopter tour will take over Bhutan guests between the two major Valley paradise, where people come into — the picturesque L’Oreal Valley is located in the second COMO, came to Bhutan between COMO Uma Punakha resort. Then the two night, the guests will stay COMO Uma Punakha experience, a series of local tour activities, or optional whitewater rafting trip, deeply mysterious mountain in bhutan. COMO Uma Punakha and the Punakha valley of the magnificent scenery of a private helicopter tour will take guests to fly to Lapatama Valley, to the intriguing but difficult to reach the lake ("Jasper Lake"), hiking through the nomadic herds, a yak, and rare species of blue sheep marmot. Finally, the helicopter will take guests back to COMO Uma Paro. Guests can be here to remove the tired, enjoy the journey of the last two nights, and can enjoy a free health care treatment or attend yoga classes COMO Retreat to Shambhala, stimulation and excitement to relieve seven days and six nights adventure trip. Located in the valley of COMO Uma Paro COMO’s Uma Bhutan James general manager Mr. Low: "the launch of seven days and six nights of helicopter trip, we feel very excited. The journey will let guests whole-heartedly and overlooking the wonders of Bhutan, FAM and deeply here, to experience the real life in bhutan. We are committed to creating a good run, to support the promotion of Bhutan tourism." Bhutan COMO Uma seven days and six nights "helicopter sightseeing adventure" itinerary includes: – two private straight.相关的主题文章:

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