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Black! Mass damage car but when the new car to sell! How to prevent? Sohu two days before the car, there is a small partner to provide information to break the news, describing their own experiences, I hope to send out to everyone to raise a. After 14 years in January 31st, in Zhejiang, Jiaxing, a 4S shop signed a contract to purchase a new car. In May 16th 14, car billing. A week later found that the driver’s car door rust, deformation of the ring, the door hinge scratches, paint. The windows are not synchronized; in the course of driving for the 2 file is not sensitive, abnormal wear and tear; small partners through the investigation of the 4S store inside a variety of records, suspected to have been repaired by the quality of the car. After many complaints, and finally in June 13, 2015 (note that this time has been a year!) And the dealer signed a special preferential repair agreement. Quality damage vehicles from the information point of view, the situation encountered by small partners should belong to the quality of the car. A new car factory, damaged during transportation and storage, such as the common glass damage, paint rub, and then after return to factory or 4S again after repair, car sales. Some dealers will try to drive into the quality of the car. Generally have the conscience of the dealer, will encounter the quality of the car will be processed or sold at low prices, before selling will tell you that this is a qualitative damage to the car. When those dirty dealers will be deliberately concealed, simple after repair, the car when the car selling mass loss. Such a problem is found, first with your passing + kick the ball, really hide it, then give you slowly resolved, just drag "". How to deal with this kind of situation, we must retain evidence, you can ask for a refund and claims. The best way to avoid this situation is to check the car when you have to check! Do not mention the new car a hot head, what is not to pay the money ~ ~ ~ ~ originally done on the car, pick the car program, we must take a good look at! Here to thank the small partners to share with you the experience, I hope others can be more careful when buying a car. Finally, or that sentence, in strengthening the awareness of consumer rights at the same time, learn a lot of knowledge of the automobile is very important, so as to be aware of. Want to see more of the bunker car knowledge and cheats? In the car onion ring WeChat public reply to mention the car and other key words, there are more oh!相关的主题文章:

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