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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The wedding is the most beautiful day for both the bride and the bridegroom. The importance of Bridal Makeup on this day is extreme and it .es at par with the choice of the wedding gown. How much time might be spent in arranging the dress and the sandals, all the efforts are futile without great bridal make up on the face. Now, since the bride needs to exude her most ethereal looks on this day, there are some special make up tips that she should follow. Your wedding snaps will be seen by generations and you cant afford to ruin the look. The look exuded on your wedding day should be classic and not trendy. Any mistake in make up on this crucial day can make you the brunt of jokes for the years to .e. 1.Although most of ladies believe, that the Bridal Makeup should be gaudy, it should be neutral, neither looking too vibrant nor too dull. The eye color is quite an important part of such make up and it should consist of golds and browns. 2.The blush also accentuates the bridal look and it should be peach or warm pink in hue. 3.The lips should be given a light color with perfect shine imparted through gloss. The lip colour should not be too over the top, like red, rather it should harmonize with the natural skin tone. 4.The size of lips also determines the kind of lip shade to be applied. Light colors should be applied with thin lips while fat lips should be highlighted with darker shades. 5.Camouflage make up is the strength of the wedding day make up and thats why heavy use of foundation is advocated on this day. 6.The time of the wedding is also important as it determines the kind of make up to be used. If your skin is not too good, try to arrange the wedding at a later time when it is right to wear additional make up so that skin quality is not revealed. 7.The under eye dark circles can ruin the wedding day for you. So, it is appropriate that such circles are hidden with the use of a concealer. It use should begin from the nose and then spread towards the area underneath the eyes. The concealers color should be similar to that of foundation. The make up on the wedding day should be perfect for the photographs to look classic in the ensuing years. So, dont hesitate to put on some extra blush. Make up increases the natural beauty of a bride and that is why some outside help is required like from professional make up girls for a picture-prefect look. This kind of a help is particularly necessary if any knowledge of wearing make up is not possessed by you. So, apply these make ups and look g.eous on your wedding day. Such packages are also a great gift for hen parties and best Christmas presents for my mother . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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