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Cai Yingwen came to the hundred days "All is void" – Taiwan Channel – humble attitude did not, his poor performance, the cross-strait exchanges and stagnation, continual loss of public opinion. Some people say that’s just over hundred days Cai Yingwen authorities no "new Chao Sheng", but the political fragmentation of the convex hammer (Hokkien, mistake), has been gradually combined into the overall system of crisis. Do not believe the media and institutions and poll consensus — satisfaction fell below 50%, close to the 2008 defeat of the basic plate; both sides of the Strait, finance, transitional justice, and the Department of labor policy in five major areas, people’s satisfaction is higher than satisfaction, which went on the two bank and the financial performance of the most dissatisfied; more than 60% of the respondents on Cai Yingwen’s "New Deal" no sense. Taiwan media said only 3 declare in no uncertain terms, little more than a month, in the cross-strait relations has not appeared big crisis, the DPP put people on the return to power after looking exhausted. "The arrogant" just past the Hualian mayor election, blue and green parties in the heavy border. The DPP intends to borrow took Hualian City, to ease the pressure after the ruling status of the Kuomintang is more frequent, shizaibide, the election is regarded as the Cai Yingwen administration hundred days trust vote. The blue camp gain a complete victory. Have the administrative resources of the Democratic Progressive Party, why the defeat in this election? Some media believe that the main reason lies in the ruling mentality. The DPP legislators Duanyi Kang face book article said, "I can pretend to respect the election results, but I don’t pretend to despise those voters". This article, Public opinion is seething with indignation. Although the paper was later removed, it does not return to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party is not required by Cai Yingwen "humility humility and humility", "pretend" behind, is a real pride and prejudice. The inventory is not difficult to find, Cai took office just over one hundred days, a number of policies appear inconsistent "hairpin", green camp legislators and officials of the tongue to make the situation more add fuel to the flames. With the "5? 20" than before, not only highlights the green stage for people to have two sets of standards, but also reflects the new administration’s "ruling arrogance" mentality. From the major construction to cross-strait relations, the so-called "not by ideology" kidnapped "please don’t take the" who "communication" of the new administration, facing the policy is questioned in straitened circumstances, poor operation is false conceal. Specific to Cai Yingwen himself, although many times some people to "humble", but she interviewed face straight and polls outside negative interpretation, is God in the old saying, "it’s okay" lightly, let people wonder. Hongkong media commented that the people are more eager to boost the economy and improve people’s livelihood as a specific. Unfortunately, Cai came to power, to promote the liquidation of assets of the Kuomintang "to promote the transformation of justice regulations", resulting in the blue camp and the anti tragic social division, leads people to break loose. Political considerations over professional governance, naturally, inconstant in policy paradox. For example, Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" to compensate for the loss of mainland tourists, wanted to Southeast Asia waved, then claimed to be sent to the mainland of Taiwan tourism marketing; Taoyuan MRT company previously proposed airport MRT has 4522 abnormal activities, seems to be safety first, now the Ministry of Transportation Survey)相关的主题文章:

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