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College-University To guide you prepare better for CAT 2011 , MBAUniverse.. brings to you, CAT guru Arun Sharma to share with you the right tips to crack the exam. You have a lot of question going on in your mind regarding CAT 2011 preparation which is just few months away. In the AskMBAUniverse.. Live Expert Chat series, Arun Sharma has been answering all your questions. We offer you the top 10 tips which you are looking for, as said by Arun Sharma. Read on to know the 10 key tips. Starting CAT prep: Preparation takes anywhere between 4 months to 18 months depending on your starting intelligence level and how much you would need to develop your intelligence. One of your options is to join a coaching. Preparing for CAT in 5 months: Define your overall task in terms of number of questions you want to solve (and learn from) in each area. Then divide your time available into the number of weeks you have. Time management: You first need to define at what level you are currently in each area – that would define the amount of work you would need to do in order to get to the requisite percentile levels. Thus, for instance, in Quantitative Ability if you are weak in all areas, you would need to solve and learn from around 5000 questions in order to match your skills with the best. Over a 150 day period this means 30 to 35 questions per day. Quantitative Ability: The areas are: Block 1 – Number systems, progressions; Block 2 Averages, Alligations; Block 3 – Percentage, Ratios….to Time Speed Distance; Block 4 Geometry, Mensuration; Block 5 – Functions inequalities, logs quadratics Block 6 – P&C, Probability. Focus on the learning you can extract out of every question. My advice would be to tear away the solutions and the answer keys and solve each question to the point where you can be sure of the answer. Question based learning is the key. Verbal Ability: Focus on sentence, paragraph and passage .prehension. For memorizing words, do more of visualization of the meanings rather than mere cramming. Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning: You should get sufficient practice for the DILR section so that you get .fortable with the section. Take your time and read both the questions and data set carefully. Understand what you are being asked to do before you begin figuring out the information. Be sure that you are looking at the right part of graph or chart i.e., on proper columns or rows or lines. Taking mock test: After getting the basic concepts clear, you should start taking mock tests. The preferable mode of taking tests is online. But before moving into full length mock tests, take sectional mock tests so that you have a clear analysis about where you are heading towards. Test taking strategy: You should aim to attempt around 12 to 14, out of 20 questions in each section with 0 errors in CAT 2011 paper. Role of work experience: It gives you an opportunity to show the interview panel your true worth in a professional domain. When you study the MBA course, your grasp of the theory and its applications is much better than a fresher The key advice for you is Two to three year work experience for taking CAT. In the meantime improve your profile and you can make it to IIM A, B, C etc. This is not to say that they would not call you if you do not have work experience. Dont worry about poor background: When you prepare for something like the CAT 2011 , you should gainfully utilize the time in between to build a stronger profile. Focus on improving your profile with work ex/ additional courses. I am sure you can make it happen. Arun Sharma is recognized as the most popular author of CAT preparation books. He is also a well known mentor for the MBA aspirants. At present, he is the CEO of Mindworkzz. He has the record of cracking CAT exam 11 times. He is an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. Stay tuned to MBAUniverse.. for more on CAT 2011 preparation . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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