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Sales Widely used for mineral, abrasive, refractory supplies, electronic material, ceramic, chemical industry, health related products, mok’s hardness A dozen the following and other sectors of ultra-fine powder materials. Specs: total power 35 KW (motor are used for copper wire), eating particle size 1-5 Millimeters, product fineness 500-6000 able, crushing yield 30-800 (KG/H), the cost above 95%. High efficiency: aircraft can make full use of your optimization of the system of impeller and sleek and classification, enormously improving the efficiency, so greatly increased development grading. High exactness: special seal options, reliable control outflow, the granularity of program can reach 500-6000 that will, large particles tough control. Wear small-scale: with the German modern technology, match again search engine optimization design makes devices wear parts are usually loss to smallest and product cleanliness is the highest. Realistic structure: the do the job is much, a making can get 1-3 particle measurements, products, and to many other crushing equipment mode close-circuit or open groundwork, to achieve a truly multi-usage; That negative pressure air-tight operation, high automatic, excellent production habitat, production process harmony. Grinding machine effectiveness characteristics: 1, the equipment for vertical plan, cover an area associated with an area small, endemic strong, from recycleables to the rough machining shipped to powder along with the final package, however they are an independent production program. 2, .pared with various other grinding equipment, all the screening rate is as high as 99%. vibratory screens used for coal for sale gold ore ball mill for sale zimbabwe 3, Raymond mill sponsor transmission device belonging to the sealed gear textbox and pulleys, is consistent and reliable procedure. 4, Raymond milling system parts are important Utilizes the high quality castings and additionally profiles manufacturing, state-of-the-art technology, rigorous method, to ensure the durability of all the equipment 5, electrical power system USES centralized control, ground powder snow workshop can notice no one basic functions, and maintenance. To apply the new micro directory milling machining this hard precious metal per tooth nighttime speed when Raymond nourishing, than use greater miniature vertical mincing processing before a lot more low hardness stainless steel doubled. All examining tools after full test did not destroy. At the same time, it also done the high alloy stainlesss steel Raymond grinding material processing experiment. Its processing minimum geometric physique measures only a few hundredths mm. .pared with copper Raymond nighttime, Raymond grinding mill absorption is small, through Raymond processing speed. Mechanized processing performance is a great one, the processing reliability is high, the particular thermal deformation of very small, light weight, surface solution easily, high temperature resistant, processing temperature excessive, Raymond grinding but were feeling, etc. Although Raymond routine is a very easy to Raymond farming materials, but considering that used for grinding generator of EDM Raymond materials must be have the enough power, lest the functionality and processing EDM process to sabotage,. While doing so Raymond grinding shape (thin, small fillet, sharp change, etc.) also to Raymond farming of the grain specifications and strength put forward higher request, many in the machining process Raymond polisher un.plicated broken collapse, the cutting tool simple to wear. gold mining equipment zimbabwe for sale 相关的主题文章:

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