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The child was about guns, adults are dating back to "good night" – Sohu to send you a bedtime warm heart dish children about guns, adults love the eight life’s recent with the sprint class, every day of life is busy. Just finished the meal to open the computer and found that he had quit smoking and alcohol for a small half a year, secretly oh yeah, little effect. However, this is not important, it is important that there are few sisters in the past six months to find me drink. In fact it is a good thing, this shows that their life is good, no emotion smoothly, terrified, don’t talk to me. Let’s hope they live better than me. Once in a while, this afternoon. I listen to the class to listen to drowsy, big Yao a phone call came over. Four years of tacit understanding told me that this girl must have met something, not being bullied, is to bully others. Indeed, Dayao with eight high degree of voice shouted at me: "fuck you where ah, hurry to come pick me up, I am a person on the street think they are bad!" She really scared me out of my head. I’ve never seen such a big one. I’m afraid, stuttering asked her what happened. Half an hour later, it took me a lot of effort to understand what she was saying. Yao has been on the phone with me and said, "you come, come and hug me, come with me, I want to drink, I want to go home." I squat in the corridor, the eye socket is red, does not stop wiping the tear, loves dearly the telephone that my big yao. Yao is a girl I met in college, a friend of a friend, and I. Two years ago, when idle days, we often go shopping around, Lulu on, slowly become no words don’t talk about good bestie. Close to the graduation season, we are busy up, not in the preparation of postgraduate entrance examination of civil servants, is busy practicing to earn rmb. I am the former. Ever since I made it from the media, I have been busy every day, and the time to play the big Yao has become less and less. Even the news that she was going to work in Tianjin two months ago was in my circle of friends. On the morning of the day a little, I sent her a message: take care of yourself, don’t drink less, what went wrong. She assured on the other side, giggle, who dare to move me to peel him to death. Oh, I hope so, my little baby, don’t always mouth conceited. I know her, always a fearless appearance, pretend to be dare dare ordered. At the end of the day, but a 20 year old girl is just out of the inexperienced, dark and afraid of ghosts. Or something is wrong. Simply speaking, Dayao was responsible for "with her head hit the idea". According to her, the beginning of that lady-killer fortunately, fitted out superior appearance, a few days later true. Lady-killer young, listening to her describe as "Ode to joy" Qiu Yingying met the white Zhanan as goods, from WeChat group with her WeChat. Is only the beginning of temptation, occasionally send a raunchy, Dayao silly do not know how to deal with, not take a ride back home. But this seems to give the satyr bubble to big Yao confidence. He’s on.相关的主题文章:

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