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Sales Over half of the items for sale in US markets were imported from abroad. China supplies a great number of these .modities. No wonder there is a sudden increase in the number of businessmen who want to learn how to import from China to USA . Now, before you begin your importing business, it is important to have an understanding of the methods and legislations involved in this industry. Identifying Import Items for Your Business Before anything else, think of the products you want to import. There is an endless selection of Chinese products available. So market research is the only way to assure that whatever you import is a definite in.e-generator. Finding the products is easy. Price lists and .pany information can be found all over the internet. Building a Relationship with Chinese Distributors After you have identified what products to import, you can proceed to the next step, finding suppliers. Build strong relationships when searching for providers. Establish contact and give them information regarding your .pany. Check their portfolios and verify what other .panies they manufacture for. Ask and then confirm every little thing. Narrow down your choices using credentials they gave you. Determine the kind of business your provider has, whether they happen to be manufacturers or 3rd party suppliers. Each has their own advantage and disadvantage. Speedy production processes are expected from manufacturers. But third party suppliers have broader connections. One of the .mon practices when dealing with new providers definitely is to ask for merchandise samples. When you have product samples, it’s easier to measure the quality of the items the .pany makes. But, be guided, payments and transaction costs may be necessary when requesting for merchandise samples. So be familiar with shipping and payment terms. Calculating for an Approximate Landing Cost It will really benefit to have an approximate calculation of the Landing Cost. Landing cost is the sum of the cost of the goods FOB (Free on Board), transport costs by forwarder, import duties, local transport costs, and cost of service providers. There may be hidden charges throughout the importation process. Import management .panies and freight forwarders can help you mitigate overall costs and assess business risks though. Discussing Trade Terms with Merchandise Distributors Prior to placing an order, you must negotiate and clarify the trade terms with your supplier. Shipment and payment terms must be discussed. Usually, 30% of the total cost needs to be paid during the ordering stage and the other 70% is collected when the items are received. The production stage only starts once the manufacturing .pany accepts your payment. All of these terms include negotiable. You can even hire an import management .pany to negotiate. Considering the Import Guidelines of Your Country There are regulations integrated into the importation industry. As an importer, you are responsible for observing national regulatory requirements. So, understand .pliance regulations prior to even placing an order. Review the government agencies that govern importation. .pliance issues and duties may vary depending on a specific goods or services. If your goods dont meet the standards, your shipment can be put on hold by the US Customs. Quality Check on Your Imported Merchandise You can assure the quality of your products through hiring an inspection .pany to examine the items on site. They can give you a detailed report if you give them the details on just what to check. Inspection is in fact usually done a few days before the products will be shipped. Through this method, non-conforming goods can be replaced or reproduced by the provider. Receiving Your Import Goods If you contracted a customs broker, he or she should attend to the transportation and customs clearance. If the documents you submitted are incorrect or in.plete, a revised copy will be needed by Customs. You can claim your items as soon as all the processes are in fact finished. Always keep the data pertaining to the transaction. Now, your next step is to sell these imported items and earn in.e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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