Chinese people are not racist, but not white tinyos

Chinese is not racist, but not discrimination against white original title: Chinese is not racist, Chinese not just white discrimination Author: Source: public, "the western slope of the west slope of histories" there is a popular misconception is that Chinese not racist. This is a joke, as the Mongolia army does not discriminate against the navy. Because China has fifty-six ethnic groups of fifty-six flowers, but the Han population accounts for the vast majority. Most Chinese people will never have the chance to express their ideas in their life. Does not mean No. In fact, after the network is developed, everyone has a microphone, if you have the intention to find online racist remarks are showing a trend. In the past, the United States presidential election, but also an excellent observation window. Trump supporters have a Chinese cheerleading performance is very eye-catching, but it was said that Chinese middle class intellectuals. But in the Internet, Trump powder is all-powerful. I’m not saying that they are racist, but some of them do exhibit a strong tendency to discriminate. Chinese racism is easy to generalize: worship than their white, discrimination than their own black. If a Chinese woman marries a white man, the onlookers will be jealous and envious. But if the other side is black, the comments area too horrible to look at. The more white the more glorious, the more black the reactionary. There are exceptions, they also despise the spirit of "white left", that is, do not engage in racist white dial. Think about it. Today, I want to talk about how the Chinese racism came from "white and black". One explanation is that the Chinese people like white skin. "A white cover three ugly" is only China. But that’s not the main reason. Ancient Chinese, like the ancient Greeks, regarded the tribes around as barbarians. The word English in barbarian, the first is the ancient Greeks to non Greeks ". Of course, in ancient times, there were certainly more than the Chinese and the greeks. "The outsider its heart will be different" should be all ethnic instincts. The racism of the Chinese and the Greeks can be passed on only because the two ancient civilizations have a more powerful successor. After the Opium War, Chinese racial confidence was defeated. The conquest of the Chinese is not only the white ship, but also the freedom of civilization". Look at the world Chinese Chinese intellectuals at that time seems comparable to Western eyes, the ancient legend of the golden age of datong. This is the first time ever. In the past, the ethnic minorities in the Central Plains, the Han literati although the body gave up, but the road has never lost confidence in confucianism. The Qin Hui teacher was the best, recommended to read his "out of the monarchy", if you can get it. Since then, the Chinese people will no longer discriminate against white people, but does not mean that China will no longer have racial discrimination. On the contrary, the western "scientific racism" spread to China, replacing the Chinese pastoral racism. As a kind of ideology of racism is invented by Westerners, originating from anthropology this today has notorious repute disciplines, and later extended to the whole.相关的主题文章:

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