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Home-and-Family Add a beautiful double sink contemporary vanity to your bathroom, no matter the size of the space. No longer just a luxury for the large master bathroom suite, double sink contemporary styles are perfect for the smaller room. This is because this style is .prised of sleek and clean lines and a trim design. Adding a double sink vanity to your master bathroom is a real treat. It gives both parties that regularly use the room their own personal space. It allows for a shared storage space that is easily .anized and because each person has their own drawers and sink they can personalize their area as needed or to reflect their personal needs and style. Furniture style double sinks are truly a fantastic example of form meeting function; the contemporary design is sleek and slim, making it just right for a small room. Small doubles are available as narrow as 48 to 50 inches wide. One of the ways that this is done effectively is by having just one row of stacked drawers down the middle instead of a single drawer on each side. The drawers are then also made slightly narrower at 14 inches across. This way the drawers are still useful and attractive, but they are managed in such a way that they do not add extra inches on each side of the vanity. With the contemporary design, there is a variety of finish choices and many options available. When shopping online, you can also choose from a variety of countertop materials and sinks. Choose from natural stones like granite, marble, and more and choose under counter sinks or stylish vessel style sinks. You are sure to find something that fits your decor and personal style. If you already have a vanity top and sink or your countertop material, for instance if you are planning to use the same granite for the shower tile and the countertop, then you might consider the very popular option of a custom bathroom vanity without a countertop. Custom vanities are available in a range of sizes and you can choose your finish and hardware to create the contemporary look. Even if you are lucky enough to have a nice large master bathroom, a small double vanity might be an option. A small contemporary vanity in the 50 inch range will give the room some extra breathing room and to create a more open feeling in the space. Copyright (c) 2009 Julia Ritzenthaler About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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