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UnCategorized Electric bicycles are gaining speed as a greener, and more economical form of transportation in the United States. Most popular in Europe and China, the electric bicycle is now a growing favorite in Australia, Canada, the UK, and now in the US. Several factors are responsible for this newest craze, such as better technology, the quest for a greener global environment, and the dreadful climb of oil and gas prices. WHAT ARE ELECTRIC BICYCLES? They are called many names such as e-bikes, electric power bicycles, electric assisted bicycle, or simply the electric bicycle and are just what the name implies: bicycles that have an electric motor and a battery attached. They can reach speeds of up to 15 to 20mph, depending on your state regulations, and some off road e-bikes have made claims to reach up to 60 mph! Two types of electric bicycles are available and it’s important to be familiar with both types so you can chose what bets suits your cycling needs. PEDELEC: Most popular in Europe due to regulation laws, this has a pedal sensor that will cut its power if you are not pedaling. It has a rechargeable battery and a motor that is intended to assist pedaling, not to replace it. They are excellent for hills, headwind and long distances, and for getting to work quickly without breaking a sweat. Also if you intend to have another passenger, the pedelec is great for carrying the kids. E-BIKE: Most popular in the US, this is a bike with an electric motor that does replace pedaling, and a battery attached. It allows you to chose how much power you want and when. Most e-bikes use a throttle for this. You can cycle without power if you want more of a workout, you can do half power, half pedal, or you can opt to use full power if you’re not a fan of hilly terrain. REGULATIONS It is important to know the regulations of your State regarding its definition of what requirements have to be met before you can consider your electric bicycle a regular bike and not a moped. That way you will not be paying for a license, insurance and tax associated with other motorized vehicles. Pretty cool when you consider you can still share the same road, for a fraction of the cost! The US electric bicycle law passed by Congress has three general requirements: -Electric Bikes must have fully operative pedals, -not exceed 20mph, -and have an electric motor that does not exceed a power output of 750 Watts. If there are no laws in your State, then the above Federal law would apply, however, State laws vary and are continuously adjusting so it is re.mended that you visit your department of transport’s website to get the laws for your State. In Texas, the above Federal regulations apply, as well as, the fact that the vehicle cannot exceed the weight requirement of 100 pounds. A good e-bike manufacturer will most likely build to satisfy the regulations in your area. Electric bicycles are classed as regular bicycles, so make sure you are familiar with those biking laws as well, such as, having a front and back light if you want to do your cycling at night. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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