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Chronic-Illness No drug therapy or surgery that truly addresses tinnitus is available yet. However, it’s not the end of the world that you have ringing ears. If you have done your research a little bit, you’ll know that there are different potential ringing ears treatment available, to provide significant relief to your tinnitus. 1. Avoid medicines that cause tinnitus Several modern drugs are associated with tinnitus. Some over-the-counter drugs tend to remain in your body for a long time before they are excreted from the body, and can contribute to your ringing ears, even if you’re not on the medication on a long-term basis. Drugs that may increase your risk for tinnitus include ibuprofen (a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) and statins (cholesterol-lowering medications). If you are taking any medication, you should find out more information about the medication you’re taking, and find out if its side effects include tinnitus. 2. Tinnitus retraining therapy This is a typical therapy re.mended for people with tinnitus by their doctors. Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) .prises counseling and listening to a noise generator. The therapy is founded on the basis that one can learn how to ignore the sound and dissociate from it. The idea is that you can learn how to ignore the tinnitus and be.e not aware of the ringing or buzzing. The results with TRT seems to be satisfactory, but it never really get rid of tinnitus. You’ll still feel its presence from time to time. 3. Masking tinnitus sound One natural way to relieve tinnitus is to simply with another mask the ringing or buzzing with another noise in the background. For example, you can have the TV switched on with some background noises while you go to sleep. You may also want to get a special pillow that has a speaker built within, so that you can drift off to sleep while listening to the sound of the radio. 4. Reduce stress level to the minimal Sometimes treating tinnitus can be as simple as lowering your stress level. No doubt this only applies if stress is the main underlying cause of your tinnitus. You’ll know stress is the primary reason to your tinnitus if: * You are a very anxious person * You worry a lot * You think a lot and can’t fall asleep at night * You’re obsessed about what would happen in the future If you are able to eliminate your stress, you’ll notice a great relief in your ringing ears, and perhaps even get rid of your tinnitus altogether. 5. Natural cure for ringing ears You may not believe this, but there are certain things you do or some factors from your surrounding that have caused your condition. So, the first and foremost way to treat your problem is to remove the tinnitus causing factors; this will help to relieve tinnitus tremendously, or even .pletely get rid of it. It’s not end of the world despite no proven medical cure is available for tinnitus; because as you can see there’s a whole lot of tools and resources to help you relieve tinnitus the natural way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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