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[]28 NBA basket ball every day more difficult to break the trend: the color Knight Longtan Beijing time on Saturday October 29th, there will be 8 games NBA, the focus of the war is the Eastern Conference finals last season against Qi Shihe Toronto meet again, the temporary home court transferee 2.5 Raptors; West Houston and Dallas ushered in the first round of the civil war in Dezhou, Dallas main rockets -1.5, a 29 point loss to the Spurs first Jinzhou warrior guest face Gentry Pelican opened off 10.5 points for the warriors handicap, continue to be the dealer behind the opener to the Lakers visit the Salt Lake City Jazz find everything fresh and new challenges. A replica of the playoffs: east east never repeat + heat fight wasp rider vs Toronto, Knight of the new season to streamline the lineup, sent Mozi and Della, Birdman and Dunleavy signed contract, James and JR, still has the eastern ruling power, first home court section third shows the wave flow in Nicks, the defending champion momentum; Toronto summer window the renewal of Deluozan but lost heavily, influence on the inside of the small Bo billom, but the first home court victory piston, one Deluozan scored 40 points. The knight guest Let 2.5 points, but the Raptors on home court knight has 5 game winning streak, the Toronto Longtan muddy water bad times. The Pacers vs nets, Pacers summer window operation is widely recognized, the introduction of Teague and Jefferson and Thaddeus young are powerful players, and fired coach Vogel, Fuzheng assistant Macmillan is also considered a signal transformation Byrd team, their first home court overtime victory over the Mavericks, the problem remains to be solved paratelum desultoriness. This season, the nets have been considered more than 76 people was the worst team, at present only by Jeremy and featuring Lopez, but they almost turn away the Celtics game, still can not be underestimated. Other games, the Hornets vs Miami, the two teams last season to kill the Eastern Conference and the new season lineup are inextricably involved, there is a substantial adjustment, the heat off Wade and Rolle Deng, the Hornets less Howe and Jefferson, overall strength, the Hornets retained relatively complete. But the first day of the season, the heat away once again won the "dishes" magic, the Hornets away win over the Bucks, the two sides have maintained good fighting force, the home court advantage might be Miami magic weapon. The magic of vs piston, two teams are losing battle, after the replacement of the core magic can not find the direction of the piston and the magic has 6 game winning streak, the team is more optimistic about Van Gundy. The Western Warriors: expect victory in the first civil war in Dezhou by holding rocket warrior vs Pelican warriors opener defeat the Spurs surprised, but the strength of the team before the summer window, sharp changes in personnel need to run, the big four individual ability and team temperament, rally is just a matter of time. The summer window off the Anderson and Gordon, the injury had no eyebrows brother’s right hand was full suppression of losing home court battle nuggets, Davies conceded three double still scored 50 points, but not a good helper. The warriors of the pelican 7 game winning streak, plus Cole Gentry’s understanding degree, the warriors can be expected to rebound. Rockets vs Mavericks, rockets problems as early as last season after the segment has been revealed, although Howard sent away, but to find the German coach rather than Thibodeau coach criticized the new season, the P相关的主题文章:

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