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Fan Bingbing sexy interpretation synophrys thousand years of history, but lost his early days of Fan Ye’s new TV drama "win the world" the exposure of the poster, but didn’t expect from Tucao countless. Some people say that the other was amazed the Qin Dynasty widow hit Yuki Amami playing a Japanese prince; some people say that the poster in the background of the ancient building is obviously Japan tenshuokaku…… Yuki Amami was playing in the men attracted a burst of applause but in her sister’s eyes, these are not always the Fan Bingbing stout word flat eyebrow attention! I don’t know when to start, fan ye love synophrys, no matter in life or work, have become a standard. The young Wu Zetian to review the Ping Mei Niang certainly need stunning foil synophrys by Yan value of the famous stills in supporting nobody cares about Wu Zetian the collocation of this kind of modeling in addition to Wu Zetian, also by Fan Bingbing of the Tang Dynasty to create beauty Yang Guifei, also can’t escape synophrys. This is the classic beauty of silk winks as allure, but the Korean eyebrow or thick and heavy in colours, minutes of people play. Red floral whole battle, but a positive view, or that Fan Bingbing shook the red carpet, the audience is very difficult to integrate the actor and the character to see. Not only is the Tang Dynasty beauty, "flower box" women in Qing Dynasty also have a red Korean style beauty network in a different kind of Fan Ye’s interpretation. It is to get rid of the other colors consistent, become elegant, details showing low-key. But the makeup is still Fan Bingbing as like as two peas in a wind, clothes can immediately go to Fashion Week Street. If an actor and a film and television works are not creative staff into play, the audience naturally can not enter the play. Coincidentally, Fan Ye two times to break the burden of idol starred in the film, she won the honor. The first is "Guanyin Mountain". She played the female students away from home, no make-up, no idol burden. Nature, body and mind are close to the role and the role of such a performance win be made one, the Tokyo International Film Festival Best Actress Award for her. A recent "I am not Pan Jinlian" is not released to the fire: for Fan Bingbing on the inside, even deliberately ugly, as a woman! Slag pixel fuzzy, really like the original "high nose and big eyes" of rural women from the book came out. This year the Spanish San Sebastian International Film Festival, with the image she won the best actress award, behind the idol burden, really acting normally play out. Acting or attitude is worth mentioning, only the work of the mind, in order to be recognized by the audience. When more and more actors willing to abandon the idol halo, leaned towards role; when more and more of the cast for actor beauty service, but for the whole drama effect, outstanding film and television works Chinese, will be more and more.相关的主题文章:

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