Finally, the eldest daughter of Kong Xiangxi witnessed four watchmen the rise and fall of the family melia kreiling

At the end of the watchmen: the eldest daughter of Kong Xiangxi family of four witnessed the rise and fall of [Abstract] when Kong Lingyi gradually lost confidence in their marriage, she met the man looking for his life. Hole parents Kong Lingyi also died in August 22, 2008 at his home in Fifth Avenue, New York, at the age of 93. Kong Lingyi had no children, Mr. Huang Xiongsheng two years ago that she survived her brother, younger brother of Kong Lingjie and McCain hole to the outside the controversial sister Kong Lingwei (hole two Miss) also died, from 1992 to 1996. Kong Lingyi’s private funeral was held in Manhattan on August 26th, and was buried in fifty or sixty miles away in New York, New York on the Finn Cliff cemetery. It is a beautiful cemetery, many of China’s celebrities, such as Song Meiling, Gu Weijun, and other members of the family are buried in the hole where the other members of the family are buried in the cemetery where the rest of the world, such as the United States, such as, and so on, there are a lot of famous people, such as the Chinese, such as, and so on, such as, and so on, such as. But their graves in the open air on the lawn, and in extremely clean, luxurious indoor hall. The walls are bright as a mirror of the milk yellow marble, engraved with the dead name hall for relatives Memorial benches, flowers were placed on the wall in front of the environment, simple, dignified atmosphere. The hole has a separate compartment, a small stone table placed flowers, beside the compartment is Song Meiling’s resting place. The most loved Kong Xiangxi’s eldest daughter Kong Lingyi was born in December 1915, was called "miss big hole". In her later years, she became a hole in the house of the "big parents", in charge of the family’s main business. Kong Xiangxi and the song has 4 children, Kong Xiangxi is the most favorite daughter Konglingyi. The main reason may be that Konglingyi looks like in comparison with Kong Xiangxi, but personality is similar to Kong Xiangxi. Since the children was born, Kong Lingyi always obey them, so compared with younger siblings, her personality is much more gentle. It is said that a hole after every meal to eat fruit, Song Ailing always put the apples and pears, oranges and other fruits on a dish, let the fruit in turn in front of the children, to whom, who ate the most of the above. Once, when the plate hole to make McCain elladan, he found that the top plate of pear is a place not bad, he said: "what appetite today, do not want to eat fruit." Then the plate to the front of Kong Lingyi, she said nothing, took the hole of the pear Ling Kan to eat eat up. Kong Lingyi’s "sister." it seems from then on the first. Song Ailing is very careful and strict in the education of his children. Konglingyi later recalled: "the mother is very strict (very strict), what to do today, such as the piano, do not love to learn play. My two brothers are also jumping Leng Leng xue." After graduating from high school, Shanghai University of Shanghai Konglingyi entered the study, four children not only study abroad. Kong Lingyi, a college student, showed a strong love for literature and art. Although born in an official family, but Kong Lingyi wasn’t interested in politics. Although Kong Lingyi does not like power, but normal wear is extremely exquisite, is entirely a noble lady style. According to records, her breakfast every day to drink bird’s nest soup, with a variety of special snacks from the air to the senior Hongkong. Lunch is at least six dishes and two soup. Make up.相关的主题文章:

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