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Business As a marketing expert, I believe that brochure printing and distribution is still one of the most effective strategies that small businesses and companies can undertake to promote their products and services. The reason many of these businesses are getting into flyer printing to promote their businesses, is due to the cost saving that such a project can have in comparison to traditional advertising as well as the reach it can attain for a minimal cost. Flyer distribution makes use of a single flyer or group of flyers put through a letterbox in residential or commercial properties. Aside from mass distribution, flyering can also incorporate the handing out of flyers to large groups of people or the pinning of flyers to notice boards in universities and collegs. A seriously determining factor in the success of flyer printing is the trend of the decrease in traditional advertising such as in magazines and papers. Many entrepreneurs have become increasingly aware of the return on their investment from such activities and have established that flyers provide a greater percentage of enquires when weighed against their cost. Flyering is not a hard or complicated process and with a good design and print team behind you, you will be a fantastic position to capitalise on this use of resources. The key to making the most of your campaign is the design. By getting your message across effectively, customers will be in a position to understand the message and action it if they feel compelled to. Printers are a penny a dozen, but great a print and design team are like gold dust. You can find them online a=or through word of mouth recommendation from a company whose marketing and advertising you admire. Always ask them for a sample of their work to ensure you are happy with the level of service they provide. They will create a first draft based on your content for you to review. At this stage, what you dont like about the design is as equally important as what you do like. So dont hold back by thinking you might hurt the designers feelings. They want to give you the best job possible. So help them to do that! Flyer printing will generate you a great response return overnight and in some cases the same night. We work with a local takeaway chain and they distribute flyers across the major cities each night. They see an almost immediate response with deliveries from the areas they have delivered to being the ones who order most on those particular evenings. Its a great way to see the fruits from your flyer printing and distribution teams working immediately. The uptake from sales on each of these flyer runs is approximately 10% higher than on a day without flyering. however as some of this 10% are new customers to the business, they also become repeat customers increasing the company’s overall revenue by a larger percentage over the course of the business year. Flyer printing works, we see it doing so everyday! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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