Foreign media China’s threat to the United States and the United States to launch a satellite satell

Foreign media: the United States satellite launch a satellite China threat with mechanical grip arm – Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on October 26th: Taiwan media said the U.S. Air Force General Nina Alma, recently through the The Pentagon? And press office said, prior to 2025, Russia and mainland China poses a threat to all U.S. space satellite. Legal media said that the world’s military powers are quietly preparing for the space war, which could lead to a new, dangerous arms race. According to Taiwan when the electronic newspaper website reported on October 25th, Al Magrino recently in Colorado, the meeting said, prior to 2025, Russia and Chinese, poses a threat to all U.S. space satellite. Russia and China will be able to threaten any of the satellites in the United States by 2025. If the United States and its allies intend to take measures to curb the interests of the Allies against the interests of the allies, it should be a strong position to deal with this matter. The report quoted Agence France-Presse recently said that global military power is preparing for the space war, is actively developing operational satellite, blinding laser jammer, advanced space arms, triggering a new round of big arms race. Such as the 2015 Russian satellite God action, indicating that Moscow may be developing an attack satellite, the satellite can adjust its position in space, close to the target. Without any warning or make any explanation of the circumstances, the satellite positioning itself in two geosynchronous international communication between satellites for several months, near one of less than 10 kilometers place, eventually left again. Reported that the mainland China was opened, continuously developing and launching small, low orbit, and to the mobile satellite capabilities of another vehicle. A senior scholar at the University of Maryland International Center for security studies, Teresa Hitchens said? China to launch 3 small satellites into orbit in 2013, one with a robotic gripper arm. The United States Air Force Aerospace Command commander John? Hiton said in September to members of Congress, the U.S. Department of defense has actively begun to action, from China and Russia (threat) measures, but the United States in the formulation of measures still need to accelerate the pace of. Reported that the United States has also demonstrated its emphasis on space situational awareness (SSA) latest achievement by the United States Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the development of the world’s most advanced space surveillance telescope equipment in 18 days in the American state of New Mexico White Sands Missile base was officially handed over to the United States Air force. This telescope is used for monitoring the earth’s orbit, like small softball sized objects, U.S. military personnel in the future will be observed from a few large objects can be observed in geostationary orbit, one will be able to progress to the observed geosynchronous orbit near the 10 thousand target. Russia and China to launch rockets and satellites in space will be closely monitored by the u.s..相关的主题文章:

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