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Geely vision SUV listed on the national   -10.19 sold 74 thousand and 900 yuan – car — August 29 Beijing Xinhua (Yan Feng) August 28th, geely vision SUV 100 million city listing vehicles and happy student action launch ceremony in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and other national 100 cities held simultaneously. In the event, the prospect of SUV officially listed, the new car a total of 2 kinds of displacement of 6 models, the price range of 7.49-10.19 million. The same day, the first batch of new prospects SUV officially delivered to customers. In addition, Geely also launched the day of vision SUV happy student action, funded 100 poor students to achieve the University dream. Geely vision SUV shape following the auspicious new family design language, the appearance of tough atmosphere, while losing the dynamic fashion, SUV front follow Geely geely vision family "water ripple" grille design, double U type engine cover design and "FRET" grille highlighting the SUV power. The headlamps were blackened, equipped with compass type LED lamp looks full sense of science and technology, under the trapezoidal grille and new trapezoidal front fog lamp with chrome trim, more vibrant and dynamic. Geely vision SUV using the streamlined body design, wing waist from the front wheel eyebrow, the taillights, with new streamlined Aluminum Alloy luggage rack and Bauhinia fancy Aluminum Alloy hub. Tire size is 22565 R17. Taillight design for L type wire, car type up surrounded by bumper and widening the middle rear fog lamp design highlights the vehicle movement temperament. In interior design, geely vision SUV using a large number of Chinese cultural elements, the entire console is covered with soft materials, the overall comfort and elegance. In the console, the vice instrument, the door of the Department of water – type decorative plate decorated with 3.5 – Inch instrument panel with LCD screen, can display tire pressure, tire temperature, fuel consumption and other information. The prospect of the SUV seat with a two-color design, the use of high-end leather PVC leather package, head pillow integrated molding, rear seat back with 115 degrees of the best ride angle. The configuration, geely vision SUV is the standard BOSCH 9.1 generation ESP vehicle stability system, hill descent, an auxiliary function, 9 inch LCD touch screen, reversing video, mobile phone Internet, cruise control and other intelligent technology configuration. With models also increased 360° panoramic imaging system, the main drive 6 to the electric chair, main driving seat heating, side airbags etc.. Power, the prospect of SUV equipped with 1.8L naturally aspirated engine and 1.3T turbocharged engine, respectively, matching 5 block manual transmission or 8 speed CVT cvt. Which 1.8L engine maximum power of 98kW, maximum torque of 170Nm, 1.3T engine maximum power of 98kW, the maximum torque of 185Nm, its 100 km fuel consumption data is only 6.3L. As Geely launched this year, the third SUV products, the prospect of SUV flagship intermediate car market. In June, its first since the "Han Hong hundred volunteers to help" public action, in mid July to start the pre-sale, more than a month has been相关的主题文章:

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