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God Tucao: Chinese xiaolizi – users face pack away in that another Sohu News 5 days after my mood… But…   actor small plum seemed to be more " " damage;, yesterday afternoon, the famous table (Nan). (Ying) package (Xing) of all, actor Leonardo " Dicaprio " say hello to Chinese fans in micro-blog.   thus the enthusiastic fans have responded:         estimation of small plum is confused, what are you get what? You then send these humanoid self expression package, it is estimated that the next micro-blog will send a small plum " goodbye, china"!   eleven, the small plum is very happy, can be more than 100 Chinese was shut in the Xiaoheiwu panic live in Jeju Island. [golden week 100 Chinese tour of Jeju Island was shut down " Xiaoheiwu " "] this year; eleven " during the golden week, hundreds of tourists in Jeju Island Chinese Korea refused entry, was " Xiaoheiwu ". A visitor said the place was closed " a total of two, men and women, sleep on the floor, there is no quilt. " it is reported that some tourists have been stranded for 5 days. Chinese Consulate in Jeju has been involved.   wanted to take advantage of the rest to relax, but did not want to become heart block. Because Duff has been to Jeju Island, so objectively speaking, visitors to Jeju Island, Chinese accounted for 70%—80%, because of the rapid development of Jeju Island’s special geographical position and in recent years, there are often some of our compatriots in the name of tourism to Jeju Island illegally, which led to South Korea in recent years to check the special customs of inbound tourists strictly. There may be friends will ask, Jeju Island is not on the Chinese visa free? Here is a little about science, the so-called visa, refers to travel for the purpose of entry in it alone, like a hotel reservation single return ticket ah, ah, can be regarded as evidence of the tourists. The good news is that the Chinese Embassy in South Korea has stepped in, and it will soon be resolved. But recently because of Sade, there were tensions between China and Korea, suggest that there is no visa or friends do not go to South Korea, if you really want to go, there is a place called Wangjing Beijing Chaoyang District Street Mall restaurant can be heard everywhere " sound like " Smecta; state-within-a-state.   what, do you say you want to come to the Mid Autumn Festival or national day next year? Here’s an exciting piece of news: next year’s Mid Autumn Festival is over!!!   heart, pain can not breathe, you can not find traces of;   to see the national day of the seven days of the friends are talking about what ~ ~   division Yi Long technology to the system Yi, you think of the groove friends do?   more and more people love dogs, is]相关的主题文章:

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