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Business Only the highest quality parts can stand up to hours of operation in the harsh environment of paper and pulp mills. Bark removal, wood chipping, and intense chemical baths are required to turn trees into pulp. In such intense operations, the downtime and repair costs stemming from a gearbox failure can easily exceed the original part of the cost. For this reason, paper mill engineers prefer durable, dependable parts. Below, we explore why Hansen gearboxes are renowned in the paper and pulp industry as reliable, long-lasting mechanical components. We begin with an overview of Hansen history. Hansen Industrial Technologies has supplied parts for a variety of industries since 1923. All that experience, along with several important gearbox patents have prepared Hansen well for making dependable parts that continue operating in the most abrasive settings. Every Hansen gear reducer meets or surpasses ISO 9000 standards. Beyond this industry standard, Hansen gearboxes are designed to minimize costs, noise, and energy expenditure. Finally, since Hansen maintains offices on six continents, customer support for that new Hansen gear reducer is never far away. Here are a few more distinctive features of Hansen Gear Reducers: 1. Ordering convenience Because Hansen has been around so long, they offer Hansen gearboxes for every step of the paper milling process. Hansen can handily provide complete paper and pulp mill drive packages. From drive shafts to roll drives to couplings to right-angle gearboxes, you can bet that Hansen has the part that you need, so that you don’t have to squander time matching parts to your current arrangement. 2. Horizontally Oriented Split Housings The horizontal orientation that’s standard on Hansen gear reducers makes maintenance access a breeze. 3. Global Support Since Hansen is an international brand, you can depend on the company to provide complete engineering documentation and support throughout the life of your Hansen gear reducer. This international support can minimize your downtime. 4. Dry Well Housing Whole loads of pulp can be destroyed in instants should an oil leak occur. To avoid this, Hansen gearboxes feature dry well housing, which precludes oil from dripping down into vertically oriented shafts. 5. Long-lasting paint Every Hansen gearbox features epoxy paint that’s durable enough to stand up to severe working conditions. Humidity-resistant paint is also obtainable. 6. Unbeatable Design Passion for design is behind every Hansen gear reducer. For evidence, consider that Hansen engineers created a lantern-style housing to securely hold the gear unit within a motor. More proof of Hansen’s dedication to strong design: The brand has created housing that efficiently conveys force from the center bore to mounting feet, so as to minimize superfluous vibration. 7. Easy Oil Sampling Locations Hansen gear reducers are designed for easy sampling access. Once you’re done taking samples, you won’t have to worry about oil contamination, since Hansen’s exceptional Oil-Lock and Oil-Guard systems eradicate flawed lubrication seals. 8. Never-Ending Circulation of Oil Paper and pulp mill operators can vouch for the importance of oil in smooth maintenance. To avoid costly system failures, choose Hansen gearboxes. They’re specifically designed to continually circulate oil, which makes for long part life and superior dependability. Hansen Industrial Technologies has equipped paper/pulp mills for decades. Hansen manufactures superior gear reducers, including helical and bevel gears with elevated torque capacities. Whatever gearboxes are required for your paper and pulp operation, Hansen has you covered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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