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Hong Kong media behind the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress on the basic law article 104th interpretation of the original title: Hong Kong media behind the National People’s Congress on the basic law article 104th interpretation: it is the best way, when the news agency in Hongkong on 5 November, the twelve session of the eighty-first NPC Standing Committee meeting on the 4 day the committee heard the Deputy Secretary General of the NPC Standing Committee on Li Fei Committee long deliberation meeting the 104th basic law of Hongkong Special Administrative Region shall explain the draft report the situation. Chairman of the meeting suggested that the draft will be submitted to the Standing Committee of the twenty-fourth meeting. 5, published a number of Hong Kong newspaper expressed support for the view that this is not only the time to release law is also the best way to solve the dispute. Hongkong, "Wen Wei Po" 5, published an editorial that, interpretation is the exercise of constitutional right, but also in response to the mainstream public opinion in Hongkong, safeguard the overall interests of Hongkong, to ensure that the "one country two systems" in Hong Kong practice without aliasing, no deformation. The article reviews, Hongkong’s return to 19 years ago, the National People’s Congress released a total of only a total of 4 times, indicating the central authority to use discretion. The National People’s Congress and every interpretation of the law is effective to clarify the legal disputes, provide a clear basis for the judgment of the court, not only undermine the judicial independence of Hongkong, but only to dispel positive effects of competition, consensus. In this respect, different from the previous release, because some people in Hongkong by the members of the Legislative Council of the oath of office in blatant insult sowing "alone", nature is extremely serious, directly endanger national unity, territorial integrity, the impact of the "one country two systems" bottom line, damage the relationship between the two places, damage the prosperity and stability of Hongkong, so the central decisive shot, active release method Hong Kong Independence, shall be punished according to law, not insulting the country and advocating "Hong Kong Independence" in any opportunity in the legislative council. This review analyzes, to curb the Hong Kong Independence shows the flood control This is a big problem. interpretation, it is necessary and urgent, must through the interpretation of the law to the Hongkong transfer information clearly, there is no room for compromise in Central Hong Kong Independence issue. The oath of law the provisions of article 104th clearly explained, not only according to the present situation, but also in long-term effectively curb Hong Kong Independence, completely prevent Hong Kong Independence from sneaking into the establishment of Hongkong architecture, system architecture is Hong Kong independence activists in Hongkong in Hing wind waves. Hongkong "Ta Kung Pao" on the 5 day of the editorial that the DC legislation will make a disgrace to the Chinese "oath" storm, in the country has clearly raised the "waves", and reacted strongly, many people are shouting "eager to get into action", the NPC Standing Committee in filled with righteous indignation, the social atmosphere and implement the basic responsibilities the interpretation of the law, has been the only way, not to the basic law of the interpretation of the law, no more to the nation. Hongkong "Sing Tao Daily 5 entitled" early established criteria more chaos "the free agency editorial said, this law gives central authority, the central has always been very careful use of this power, the return of Hongkong for nearly twenty years, and this time, only the central release of five, and strict restrictions on the involved the major problem of the relationship between the mainland and Hongkong or foreign countries in the category, not arbitrary and. Hongkong "business daily" 5, the front page entitled "people’s initiative to release law: Jun Jun相关的主题文章:

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