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If you don’t know the secret how dare to buy iPhone7 Cook sing a song broke the tranquility of the past…… this time Apple’s autumn Conference for a change, Cook sat on the car, singing songs, began the conference brought in iPhone7, it is full of confidence, forced to imagine, the next year; Cook will not eat, sing to Hot pot conference? Let the suspense until next year (haha), okay. If you don’t know the secret how dare to buy iPhone7 a year in accordance with a more rhythm, apple scheduled to offer you a new generation of intelligent mobile phone iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus; unfortunately, this new generation of iPhone before the release will have been traced to the new iPhone injured all over the body; the view does not make snap. But it’s internal changes, he brought us a surprise; although the dosage does not increase the feeling is not so obvious, but you have to say that this is the best iPhone and the best one of the intelligent mobile phone. IPhone7 is equipped with more powerful processors, more color, more memory and camera more amazing, you have already had the understanding, but before buying the iPhone7, I still hope that we can be more in-depth understanding of iPhone7, then look at the following iPhone7 about these things. 1.iPhone7 series screen resolution has improved? IPhone7 7 Plus 25% to enhance the brightness of the screen before the publication of the iPhone7, there was news that iPhone7 will enhance the screen resolution, but after the release we found that iPhone7 and iPhone7 Plus equipped with Retina HD screen generation, with strong ion strengthening glass surface, the resolution did not change. However, the support of a wider color gamut, can show more vivid colors, in addition to enhance the brightness of the screen 25%, reaching 625cd m2. 2 on the shell after why cancel a "leucorrhea"? IPhone7 to cancel a reason to cancel a iPhone7 antenna antenna layout, in order to make a greater volume of the camera down; on the other hand can make better one back, after all, had a lot of users dislike "white" brought disharmony; in addition, cancel a leucorrhea reduced grinding groove antenna in the process, the point of concern is that can more easily identify this is the new iPhone, so as to better to install X. 3 since the abolition of a leucorrhea, why not completely canceled? The three section design can ensure the signal overflow we should have heard of antenna gate incident, in the iPhone4 launch, users hand hold iPhone 4, its mobile network signal will be completely attenuated in a few minutes, or even can not call the level, which is an important reason and antenna design; antenna design in iPhone 5, in order to avoid the antenna incidents, apple changed the antenna.相关的主题文章:

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