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How to correctly understand the asset allocation? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! How to correctly understand the asset allocation? Now more and more people are talking about asset allocation, but many people often do not really understand what is asset allocation. Some people even believe that asset allocation is not put eggs in one basket, the equivalent of scattered investment. In fact, the understanding of asset allocation, there are many errors. First, we must define the concept of asset allocation. According to the definition of investment, asset allocation refers to the investment needs of the investment funds are allocated among different asset classes, usually asset allocation in low risk and low income securities with high risk and high income securities between. At the same time, we should realize that asset allocation is a very personalized financial services, need to have a very professional financial knowledge, can be combined with the current macroeconomic situation and the financial products in the past and future development trend, make scientific and rational judgment. Need to combine the actual situation of investors, the design of customized configuration program. There is no universal asset allocation. Secondly, decentralized investment is not equal to asset allocation. We know that investment is in order to achieve the value of personal assets and value-added, in the scope of the risk can be borne, to maximize the return on investment, and ultimately let money become our pursuit of happiness, freedom of life tools. Investment is a probability event, the nature of the investment is to continue to improve the probability of making money and reduce the probability of losing money. The probability of investment diversification of different varieties of money does not distinguish, rising hope in some varieties yield to offset the decline of certain varieties of income, and to obtain the average rate of return. The asset allocation is the pursuit of "increasing certainty" is in the circumstances, the probability analysis of various types of assets to make money, make money for the probability of large assets, increase the allocation ratio for money; the probability of assets, even if later proved that can bring high returns, but also to reduce the allocation ratio or not configuration. Again, in the asset allocation, asset classification is particularly important. Real asset allocation should be based on a full understanding of their own consumption and asset status on the basis of professional financial risk assessment, the funds will be dispersed in different categories of financial assets. Can be a combination of fixed income financial products and stocks with floating income financial assets. Through this Hanlaobaoshou asset allocation, to ensure that increasing the value of wealth. Fourth, timing and securities selection ability is not as important as you think. American scholars in the study of the investment of more than 90 large retirement plan project performance in the long term, on the premise that the investment cost is relatively stable under the "timing" and "stock selection ability" contribution to investment income is less than 5%, while the contribution of asset allocation is more than 90%. It is worth noting that the timing and selection of securities, although difficult, but does not mean that there is no choice when the meaning. At the time of selection and selection of securities, you can at the same level of risk相关的主题文章:

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