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Food-and-Drink Selecting a mobile catering company for your next corporate event is a popular method to plan an event. Mobile food trucks were once viewed as selling less refined street food, but is now entering mainstream society as a cultural icon. Unfortunately, with the wide variety of options to choose from, it may be difficult to find the proper type of mobile catering unit to suit your specific needs. Read onward to learn the nuances of how to choose a proper catering truck for your event. Your highest priority in selecting a catering company for your event is to first decide what type of food you would like to feed your guests. Are you looking for sweet food, ethnic food, or organic food? There are literally hundreds of trucks to choose from, each with their own unique blends and taste. For example, the green truck sells organic food. The place LA truck specialized in comfort food and pastrami. Even if you desire fare outside of the truck’s normal menu, try contacting the truck owners. Most of these companies double as catering trucks and will accommodate special requests. If you have narrowed down your food preferences, or have created a set of criteria, it will be easy for you to search for the truck that meets your requirements. Try Google, the Yellow Pages, and local directories. Many newspapers and local publications also aggregate directories of corporate event companies in urban areas. You should make sure to check your local listings and build a list of potential companies to contact. After you have your list of catering companies compiled, it is time to contact potential vendors and get some price quotes. You should be ready to provide the catering companies with basic information such as how many people will be in attendance, the time frame, venue etc. You should also remember to ask the trucks about the type of food they are willing to accommodate, if there are any special requests. Finally, prior to making a decision, make sure you sign a contract with any mobile catering truck you decide to go with. It is also beneficial to make any decisions official in writing prior to any money changing hands. You should also work out whether the food will be provided at the cost of the event, or at the customers expense. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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