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Advertising EDDM is a program created by USPS which helps small and medium businesses to promote their business for only 14.5 cents per mail piece. The program is easy to use, it is cheap and until now showed a lot of positive results. However, in order to participate in this program you need to know that there are some EDDM requirements that need to be met. The EDDM program is free, there are no annual fees, and it saves on postage and turn-around time. This is why so many businesses started using this marketing strategy and until now more than 80% businesses have been very satisfied with the results obtained from this program. The truth is that this program has two categories – EDDM/Retail Entry and EDDM/BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit). Each of them has specific EDDM requirements that need to be met. EDDM Retail has a rate of 14.5 cents per mail piece, mail pieces can be easily printed in any printing .pany and it is fast and saves on time. Here are some basic EDDM requirements to qualify for the EDDM retail. First of all, your mail piece cannot be heavier than 3.3 oz. mailing is done through mail carrier routes. You need to send minimum of 200 mail pieces per day and maximum of 5000 mail pieces per day. The maximum size of one mailing piece is 12 by 15 inches. All mail pieces need to be standard mail flat. The EDDM Retail program is intended for smaller and medium businesses. From the other side, EDDM requirements for the EDDM/BMEU are the following: the mail piece cannot be heavier more than 16 oz. The mail piece should be bigger than 10 inches in length and 6 1/8 inches in height. The EDDM BMEU requires a mail permit number. This is not free, and it will cost $190 per year. Except for the mentioned EDDM requirements, there are as well some other things that you should consider. For example, the .pany that will be handling the printing, should be able to deliver the printed material right after is has been made, directly to the post office. From there, in the very next day, the mail pieces will be delivered within the chosen mailing routes. Also, not to to mention, when mailing through EDDM retail, a businessman will need to have a CRID (Customer Registration Identification), however there is no cost for this and can be obtained on the web site of USPS. The only thing you need to care about is to create a nice and attractive mail piece that will be able to catch the attention of your potential clients as this is the point from where your business will start to grow. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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