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In the primary school son’s bag, found condoms! Sohu maternal and child one day, ten year old son finished his homework, to his father signed, but his son was busy playing games, so that his father to take the bag. The son of a son’s bag, even to see a package has not yet been torn!! From abroad to study after his father, after all, had been educated in the west, he signed the book will be called after his son. He said to his son: my son grew up, my father felt very happy, and my son is very good, if the girl is a good thing to fall in love with. Because love can make people smarter and more confident, but love in the process of some things, dad must tell you clearly: 1 do not touch others in private places is genital common men and women of personal privacy, people have a sense of shame, not free to show personal privacy, never let others touch. To touch the privacy of others, it is a serious crime, should be punished. 2 premature sexual behavior is harmful to health is a senior animal reason, to show restraint and self love. You are only ten years old, not yet mature, the body’s organs are in the development stage, premature sexual behavior, damage to health. Lack of life experience, easy to spread AIDS and other high-risk diseases. 3 "love" to the premise of love between the sexes is the most holy and most noble feelings, lack of love ‘and’ is the body without soul! As you are now teenagers ignorant of love, but now your love is irrational and immature, you will encounter a lot of girls will find the love of your life. "4" to know contraceptive sexual life, do not know if the pregnancy preparation lead to pregnancy, is extremely irresponsible, once the occurrence of unintended pregnancy and abortion will give each other pain, it will bring negative influence to themselves and each other’s life and even future learning. Moreover, you are now ten years old, life has not yet independent, no ability to raise the next generation. Therefore, we can not blindly look for excitement, to be responsible for the community, family and future generations. Subsequently, the Father also demonstrated with the son of the use of pregnancy sets. In fact, the father is right! Remember a special stream of people to do the medical staff said that she gave people the highest record is to do 40 people a day. Of these, 70% were unmarried women. In 1990s, most of the people who do the work of 20 years of age or younger sister, and in 2000, the minimum age to do stream of people is 13 years old. Some places have also set up a special clinic for girls, at least 30 pregnant women will receive a monthly pregnancy, of which the highest level of high school students. Some migrant women don’t understand prepared pregnant, pregnant and do not know, to production, it will alarm the baby out of the window or throw out the trash can! Therefore, avoid blindly and suppress the practice is not feasible, you must first let the children realize that this is what kind of behavior, what is the result, how to avoid this result, how to deal with the case of such results, unfortunately, Chinese in this aspect of the education is too poor! The following is a foreign child sex education, we can)相关的主题文章:

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