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SEO If your business is located in Fort Lauderdale, then youve likely thought about hiring a SEO .pany to handle your internet advertising. But before you make a decision, you should know that there are some key strategies that every internet advertising professional should know. Here are three that you should pay special attention to. Content is (Still) King Did you know that the longer visitors stay at your site, the higher your Google ranking will be? That effectively puts an end to the internet advertising theory that you can simply stuff an article with keywords so your site will appear higher in the search listings. Sites that do that may be able to draw visitors, but they only stay on the site long enough to realize that theyve been drawn into a site with no real value, and that reduces their ranking. Instead, those sites that offer relevant and useful content tend to have visitors who stay longer on their sites. Quality content isnt easy to produce. You must know your potential visitors well, and be able to predict what type of information theyll be searching for. But once you understand their needs and are able to provide them the content they desire, youll watch your rankings go up. Many successful sites hire an SEO .pany to help them get quality content rather than trying to produce it on their own. Not all Backlinks are Created Equal Any quality Fort Lauderdale SEO .pany will tell you that just because you have a lot of backlinks, that doesnt mean youll automatically do well in the rankings. Instead, the higher quality links that you have, the higher Google will rank you in the search listings. Links should serve two purposes. Most internet advertising experts will tell you that if you have quality links, other than directory links and social bookmarking ones, your ranking will be higher, but the links should also serve to bring visitors to your site and convert them. This can only be done with relevant links. Conversion is the Key Great, your SEO .pany has used some internet advertising techniques to draw a lot of visitors to your site, but if those visitors arent converting to customers, its all been for nothing. One way that internet advertising experts test the functionality and conversion ability of a site is to use pay per click. PPC has the ability to draw a lot of visitors quickly, and youll know instantly whether or not theyll convert. For instance, you can test keywords to see whether or not they lead to a sale. If you run a bakery website and promote the keywords fresh baked goods online, and online cakes, you may find that online cakes produce a lot more conversions than the other. Knowing this upfront will save you a lot of time and money. Internet advertising is a constantly evolving practice, and a Fort Lauderdale SEO .pany will be able to tell you about the latest techniques that will catch the attention of Googles spiders. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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