Jingdong released the country’s first unmanned distribution vehicles next year is expected to large- sweets parade

Jingdong released the first domestic car unmanned delivery vehicles next year is expected to large-scale commercial Jingdong group announced today, has entered the stage of the road test by the independent research and development of China first unmanned delivery vehicles, will begin in October next year is expected to test operation, large-scale commercial. This also marks that, following the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to solve the problem of the last one kilometer after the distribution of electricity providers in rural areas, Jingdong and a big step forward in the transformation of urban distribution model. Responsible for research and development of intelligent logistics Jingdong President X division Xiao Jun said that at present China city logistics system relies heavily on human resources, especially the distance from the distribution station to the hands of users, requires a lot of hard work of staff. No one can be achieved for Jingdong distribution vehicles in city environment, office buildings, residential convenience stores and other places were concentrated batch delivery orders, its excellent flexibility and convenient use process will greatly enhance the efficiency of distribution of Jingdong. It is reported that the release of the Jingdong and the distribution model of unmanned vehicles will have the following characteristics: – unmanned vehicle has the advantages of small size, length and breadth were 1m, 0.8m, 0.6m, with 6 different sizes of the cargo compartment, can travel in accordance with the established route automatic navigation, path planning, and has intelligent obstacle avoidance, lane keeping, intelligent follow other functions; – unmanned vehicles in the distribution station to complete the commodity loading according to the autonomous path planning, the shortest path to find and avoid the congested road; in the driving process, encounter pedestrians, pets, vehicles and other obstacles, can for obstacle avoidance, detour, encounter crossroads, traffic lights can be identified accordingly driving decision; position – automatically moving to the target building, it will be through the Jingdong APP, mobile phone text messages and other ways to inform the user of receiving user input to the unmanned car; You can open the warehouse delivery number, pick up your parcel. "Now Jingdong road test driverless vehicle driven by electricity, while its speed is low, driving in a non motor vehicle, coupled with the perfect automatic obstacle avoidance and other measures for the safety of pedestrians, and can protect the environment; careful real-time monitoring, location query also ensures that the unmanned vehicle and cargo security." Xiao Jun said. "We are currently testing the target delivery office, since the place provided cabinet, residential areas, villas and other convenience stores, they have small orders are relatively concentrated, but often will take delivery staff more time, efficiency is not high enough. Therefore, the Jingdong’s unmanned distribution vehicles can also be seen as’ long legs of the smart self mentioning cabinet ‘, to the user both familiar and fresh feeling." According to reports, the Jingdong began a road test driverless vehicle has many advanced black Technology: – it is equipped with multiple vision sensors and radar, the disparity map is generated and other ways to construct the 3D environment, obstacle detection size and distance of the obstacle avoidance control for unmanned vehicle, is a safety first driving model; – by learning algorithm the depth, it can quickly identify the traffic signs and lane, no matter what the weather is that driving lighting and obey the traffic rules; – feature based robot simultaneous localization and mapping technology, realizes unmanned vehicle self localization and map building, all the way than most people; – high precision three-dimensional image data based on GNSS satellite positioning system, it can accurate route planning and navigation, positioning accuracy.相关的主题文章:

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